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Thread: What is Ging's Nen Type?

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    Default What is Ging's Nen Type?

    Judging from what you've seen and read so far, what do you think Ging's power is?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Skypiercer View Post
    Judging from what you've seen and read so far, what do you think Ging's power is?

    wow what a question.. the answer is No one knows , thread closed.

    however if you're trying to make us speculate bout it then id say its probably the same as gon's since so far there seemed to be some sort of family genes dna transmitting crap (idk what im saying hope u understand) .. basically killua being white haired and a zoldyck makes him a transmuter so is his father and grandfather.. or my second theory is since nen really depends on the nature like manipulation is normally for manipulative people .. and enforcers are dumb and emotional ppl uvo , gon , netero who get lost if u explain something long to them .. im guessing since ging is a sly witted person ..its ..erhmm..what corresponds to those qualities ?? lol... a specialist maybe ?
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