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Thread: Manga coming to an end ?

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    Default Manga coming to an end ?

    does anyone else think this manga might end ?
    I think this might be the last arc because yamada and the team have already found all 7 witches and up to the latest chapter (86 if you are subscribed to crunchyroll ) they have gathered all of the seven witches for the ceremony and if you think about it theirs not much they can do after this happens also the author Yoshikawa Miki has recently made a One shot called Maou no Kyoushitsu this means that she will probably end the series and move onto a new one

    what are your thoughts on this?

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    i dont think so. if yankee-kun to megane-chan reach almost 200 chapters why not yamada-kun? i mean yamada-kun is more popular and you can make a lot of stories using the 7 witches and the stuco president is still a mysterious guy along with his 2 girls not to mention that the whole witches thingy and guys like yamada and tamaki are still mysteries.. what's the purpose of this? for fun? maybe also about the old school building.
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    I thought the same thing...probably it's gonna end "soon"

    but i woudn't like that, also, as the message above me says, there are too many misterious things in the High school, so there must be more material :3

    PD: excuses for my bad english, it's not my native language

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    I'd hate it if it came to an end.. The story has such amusing and loveable characters. If we can get more content, I'd like that.

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    Yamada's school is named Suzaku and the school Miyamura originally studied in (before transferring because of Leona's weird behaviour) was named Seiryuu. So I'm guessing there's also a Byakko there and a Genbu somewhere and the four are all sister-schools.

    If Suzaku has 7 witches, then it wouldn't be that unusual for the other sister-schools to have 7 witches. Which means the main theme of "Yamada and the Seven Witches" can be retained even when the plot about Suzaku's witches is concluded. I don't know if she'll really go there but I can't think of any reason for Miyamura being in Seiryuu and transferring if it's not gonna come up sooner or later. There's also no point in naming the school after one of the Mythical Beasts if you're not gonna expound on the other three.

    There's the fact that it will be really hard for Yamada to solve witch-problems from a different school altogether but considering how powerful the student council in Suzaku is, maybe he'll get a temporary transfer to one of the sister schools or something.

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    I hope it ends in this arc.

    It's better to burn out than to fade away.

    I like this series, that's why I want it to have a proper end, I don't wanna watch the author dragging the story in dozens of stupid arcs until the series gets axed.
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    I really liked the manga when it first started out but now it really dragging and unnecessary the last twenty chapters have all be garbage about how Yamada can't figure out what to do. The author is just bleeding it out and trying to throw a cliff hanger/curve ball into the mix and get more chapters out of this series, it long over due and needs to come to an end. At the pace that the manga is progressing, I think it might actually get the axe..
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    There are no signs for ending yet, its still new and fresh just a year, it may run upp to 2 more years i think

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    It does feel like it's gonna end, but I don't think it will finish this arc. There's still stuff with Ushio to sort out, I don't see why the author would put so much emphasis on him if nothing is gonna be done with him. There's other stuff that the people above me mentioned too.

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    Well this arc does gives that's quite possible.

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