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Thread: question about chapter 872 ?

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    Default question about chapter 872 ?

    so after that bell tree express case, we can pretty much say that Okiya is akai(since he said "u two sisters are alike" and his eyes look like akai's too) , or that he is akai's brother(explains the "identical eyes" ) and he knew haibara's sister or at least heard of her...either way him and conan seem to get along and conan must trust him since he let him get near haibara,stay at his house then at his mother's and conan got his help in the bell tree express case....
    so my question is "does Okiya trust conan too?" I mean in ch 872 conan kept asking sera about their old family name...does he not realise she's akai's sister ? if Okiya is akai or the other brother why didn't he tell conan about it ?
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    Akai acknowledges of how smart Conan is, but he doesn't want Conan to have anything to do with anything that would put him in danger

    In Yusaku Kudos Cold Case, Subaru realized that Conan is Shinichi/the person Ran was on phone with, Conan is also the one who invited Subaru to stay...

    Also would you go around telling people your family members names? That makes no sense if Conan hasn't even asked about it yet

    Now that I think about it, during the case Conan had to run to Shinichis house in order to do something before Ran, Sonoko and Sera came in
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    If Okiya truly is Akai, we can pretty much say that he trusts Conan. Remember the Mizunashi Rena case? Akai entrusted to Conan some of the thinking parts of the plan. But even though Conan wanted to join the team, Akai didn't let him do so.

    So, yeah...pretty much Akai trusts him, but as kei1 stated in the previous post, he would not want to put Conan in danger by letting him be part of the action perse.


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