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Thread: Guns vs Swords vs Magic AG Day 8

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    Default Guns vs Swords vs Magic AG Day 8

    In the far away land of Kingdom of the Night where the powerful king Rosered Gottfried Strauss summoned all of the bravest, strongest, smartest wielders of guns and blades. “I hereby proclaim the ultimate fight for the greatest weapon, will it be the fast and the furious guns or the swift and deadly sword or the mind and nature shattering Arcane Magic!. Let the fight Begin!”

    AG Systems

    Duel System- Randomly match up 1 character from 2 opposing factions and will fight each other. One will die and the other will live. Skills may intervene with this system.

    Killing Spree- Everyday the king may decide to kill someone whom he... whenever it pleases him....

    Assassin- As the name says... anyone may PM me and request someone to die in the hands of my assassin(s). Civilians has higher chance that their request to be granted. If an assassin doesn't make it in this game due to RNG... the king will do this himself!

    There are 6 types of skill in this AG

    1. Basic Skill- What can you normally found on you character/Role. Can’t be used if you are disabled.

    2. Weapon Skill- Skill granted to you by your weapon. If you are Disarmed you can’t use your weapon
    Skill. Also if you are disabled you can’t use your weapon skill! Only one weapon skill can be used a day!

    3. Special Skill- Special skills can only be found on Special Roles/Civilians. Special skills can be used multiple times a day if all necessary conditions have been met or an event triggered it

    4. Dual Synch Skill- Skills that needs other roles or characters to be activated. Must be activated by both roles to activate the skill.

    5. Faction Skill- Skill that’s granted to you by your faction. May contain conditions before you can use it

    1. DEAD man tells NO TALES. If you don’t understand this ask on forums!
    2. Inactivity in 3 days means DEATH FOR ETERNITY! NO EXCEPTIONS!
    3. No screen shots are allowed to be posted in the discussion thread.
    4. We are all friends here! So please NO FLAMING!
    5. Follow your actions according to your roles accordingly. This has merits I will be looking into fully.
    6. Role gathering by using force (ei. IF you don’t tell me your role we’re going to vote you out or something like that) is STRICTLY PROHIBITED. Failure to follow this and you will see yourself out of this game. Feel free to report anyone who do this.
    7. If you're signing up, be sure to log in and vote every other day, at the very least. Anyone inactive for three days will be killed.
    8. You may mention your secret role in the thread. However, whether people believe you or not, is another case...
    9. Majority towards a kill does not include people who didn't vote. Only half votes of people who voted are necessary.
    10. Everyone is given an identity. You must act accordingly - instructions and further details are in your inboxes. There are no public identities.
    11. Roles will be revealed upon death.
    12. Posting screenshots of your role is banned
    13. Publicly gathering people’s roles is discouraged. This is not what the game is about. You will fail anyway.
    14. Once you die you MAY NOT post any more in the assassin game thread or any related thread, and are forbidden to discuss the game in public in other threads. If you do you are banned from playing in the next assassin game (meaning you will have to wait until the game after that before you can play again).

    -All characters from this AG are random... they may come from anime. manga, movies or my original ones!
    -I hereby reserve the rights to deny someone from entering the game!
    -Please join the AG fan club!
    -this sign ups will go after 5 days.... 45 people would be optimal!

    my ORIGINAL characters has SPECIAL skills... so watch out for it if ever they entered the game!

    if you have any questions please follow this format... but please there is a limit to what i can answer

    if you have any questions please follow this format... but please there is a limit to what i can answer

    <GvSvM> SPACE <Question>
    then your question on body

    For SKill use..

    GvSvM <SPACE> <ROLE> <SPACE> <Name of Skill>
    BODY: The description of skill and target or RS

    Please follow the format! Or else I won't listen to you


    Day 1
    Day 2
    Day 3
    Day 4
    Day 5
    Day 6
    Day 7
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    Gun Faction

    Gun Users. One of the most deadly weapons of all time. Swift and efficient they are effective even against well armored and protected targets if angled properly. Users of this weapon are quick, agile and stealthy. You won't know what hit you.

    Normal Victory: Eliminate the Swords and Magics Faction
    Ultimate Victory: Eliminate all hostile factions!

    Sword Faction
    Sword Users. They have excelled on performing the ancient arts of sword fighting to a point that it is almost part of their body. They are either heavily armored or very agile and very proficient in matching up with their opponent in close range. They will paint the wall red if you take away your eyes from them.
    Normal Victory: Eliminate the Guns and Magics Faction
    Ultimate Victory: Eliminate all hostile factions!

    Magic Faction

    Master of the Mystic arts. These people are capable of leveling mountains in their paths with mere swat of their hands. Capable of unleashing unmatched might to any opposition given time. They are good at attacking others and also excel on defending themselves from any kind of retaliation but their reaction time leaves them rather open to any kind of attacks. Make no mistake, they are far more deadlier than what you can imagine.
    Normal Victory: Eliminate the Swords and Guns Faction
    Ultimate Victory: Eliminate all hostile factions!


    This people tend to stay away from any conflicts and satisfied with their own way of life. But given enough push or motives, they will attack any opposition or anyone that tries to attack them. Even if they are Neutrals, they are more powerful than you think of.
    Normal Victory: Survive
    Ultimate Victory: Personal Goals on Day 2!

    Annihilation Faction

    They are ruthless and have no care for anything that is living... Their only goal is to annihilate life in this planet.
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    1. ShrikeRisen Kiritsugu Emiya "Magus Killer" Gun Faction
    2. Eℓℓιмιѕт
    3. Aria
    4. .Łċγ. Shirou Emiya "Ally of Justice" Magicians Faction.
    5. Aker Simo Hayha "The White Death"
    6. アイ ウエオ[ Saber Alter "The Dark Tainted Tyrant" Sword Faction
    7. Mira Frank Castle "The Punisher" Gun Faction
    8. nodnyl10 Mavis Vermillion "The Fairy Tactician" Magic Faction
    9. Wojek Siren Kazehaya Kamito "The Strongest Blade Dancer" Sword Faction
    10. lysp Alucard "Vampire King" of Hellsing Gun Faction
    11. .Arma James Bond "007" Gun Faction
    12. MY-Laxus Takius "Sage" Magic Faction
    13. Phantasmagoria GODO "Gun God" Gun Faction
    14. .AuKi. Inia Sestina "Scarlet Twins" Neutrals
    15. BugDevil Duke Togo "Golgo 13" Gun Faction
    16. Daniel.96
    17. Physion Takao "The Tsundere Heavy Cruiser" Gun Faction
    18. *-s-Mask
    19. Ľyăl-ŧo-Ľelucħ Hyuuga "The Deserter of the Oriental Fleet" Gun
    20. [S]Jarvan[ CC "The Immortal Witch" Neutrals
    21. TheHappyMan - Bad banana
    22. The-Foe
    23. Deathhappens Darth Vader Sword Faction
    24. BlackYume Kenshin Himura "The Former Hitokiri Battousai" Sword Faction
    25. Leia. Shiba Miyuki "The Ice Queen" Magic Faction
    26. RangerH Cryska Barcenowa "Scarlet Twins" Neutrals
    27. ★ ℳ ї c h iii ★ Shiba Tatsuya "Mahesvara" Magic Faction
    28. sAnity.vAlue Momochi Zabuza "Seven Swordsmen of the Hidden mist" Sword Faction
    29. WolvenLordSoulReaper Pain "The Third of the Six Paths" Magician Faction
    30. Nightmare.Fiction Shirogane Takeru "Causality Conductor" Neutrals
    31. SatsujinWolfie
    32. Juan
    33. marlon Shizuku Sango "Student Council President" Sword Faction
    34. Leorion Kazehaya Kazuto "The Black Swordsman" Sword Faction
    35. Buh-Lake Heathcliff "The Paladin" Sword faction
    36. Lost EMIYA "Counter Guardian" Sword Faction
    37. Aka-no-Majo Kinji Tohyama "Quadra of Mimicry" Gun Faction
    38. Quantum-Glass Lina Inverse "The Enemy of all who are Living" Magic Faction
    39. The-Cow
    40. Caraphernelia.
    41. SleepingPhsycoBunny Jack Rakan "Thousand Blades" Sword Faction
    42. H-y-e-M-i-i Lillianne Von Phoenix "The Monster Princess" Neutrals
    43. mandyrox30 The Superior Being "A Superior Experience" Annihilation Faction
    44. Sђinigαmi Stella "Black Rock Shooter" Gun Faction
    45.Zakira. Yuuhi Kobuin "Shogun" Neutrals
    46. Yuffy Inori Yuzuriha "Fake" Neutrals
    47. Crna-Strela Crixalis "The Sand King" Neutrals
    49. Mr.-Noodles Eren Jaeger "Titan Shifter" Neutrals
    50. Nightmare-Gear Veda "Super Computer AI" Neutrals
    51. Xu Kenshiro "The Saviour of Century's End" Neutrals
    52. Burnin_ReD
    53. maxxus0923 Seto Kaiba "The Lord of Dragons
    54. ~☆【Final※Destiny】★~ Accelerator "One Way Road" Neutrals
    55. яανєи Clare "No. 47 of the Organization" Sword Faction
    56. Etna_the_Undying - He has things to do...
    57. ★nn★ Chi "The Unusual Persocom" Neutrals
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    Day 1

    Atop the castle of his castle, The Vampire King Rose Red Strauss is over seeing his territory.

    But then... something happened...

    A huge whale like creature far away can be heard approaching the general direction of his kingdom

    A portal to the daemon world has been opened, but so far nothing has came out of it yet.

    A huge behemoth alien like living creature is high above the atmosphere... possibly in outer space

    A comet falling from the sky. For what seems carrying alien like organisms made for mineral extraction.

    A dark lord accompanied by 9 horsemen...

    Normally he should be alarmed, however he doesn't fear since all of the finest warriors has been gathered here.

    Surely this minuscule threat can't hinder them.

    If it's that minuscule of issue really

    -No assassination skills for this day
    -No lynch for today
    -The king is hiring an assassin or two.
    -Faction skills will be granted tomorrow
    -Some some pairs or trio hasn't been yet informed(Or i might have scattered you all on all different factions) I am going to do that after I sleep and eat my lunch
    -First day will last for 36 hours then tomorrow we will go by the normal 24 hours
    -The game is now on full swing!

    NOTE: I'm going to sleep for the mean time...
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    First .

    Reading OP.

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    Quote Originally Posted by The Cow View Post
    First .

    Reading OP.
    Someone posted before you actually. Though the post got deleted soon after that..

    Set made by : Aker

    @Lanna: Thanks, I didn't forget. owo/

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mira~ View Post
    Someone posted before you actually. Though the post got deleted soon after that..
    You just had to ruin this for me, didn't you?

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    Whoo! There's alot of people in this AG.. Awesome work maxxus!

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    Why is Maxxus in the player list?

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    Quote Originally Posted by The Cow View Post
    First to die
    Better xD

    Quote Originally Posted by TheHappyMan- View Post
    Why is Maxxus in the player list?
    Because he said he was going to be a player in the sign up thread.

    Set @ Visionary

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