What kind of quotes did you like from the story?
Here are some that I liked:

"If you eat something really delicious then it'll make you smile!" - Dachi ch 13 pg 33

" I think your desserts have a magical power. So have confidence in yourself."- Sora ch 18 pg 11

" When your in love, you can't always be dignified."- Najika ch 18 pg 23

"this spoon gives me courage. Ever since you gave it to me when you saved me from drowning... It's been my treasure."- Najika ch 19 pg 8

" And when you eat it you'll become prettier. And it will make you smile. A dream desert..."- Najika ch 19 pg 26

"I think your going to easy on her cause she's a child!!":Random chef
" Then you try it." :Judge
"... It is the best castella...I ever ate in my life":Radom chef
Najika pound in this contest p.s ch 21 pg 28

"I'll make a rainbow...in the sky. So when you open your eyes you'll see that you're not alone."-Sora ch27 pg 9

"A thousand leaves are falling. Like there're washing away my feelings."-Akane ch 32 pg 30

"No matter I'd it's sadness or happiness, well go thought it together...That's what you call a family."- Dachi ch 45 pg 21