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    First of all I wouldn't say that I am 100% accurate about all of these. I just based these upon the little clues that I gathered while reading the manga series so far.

    I love the story of this manga that's the reason why I got curious about it since the series took place in the author's hometown in Shobara, Hiroshima. So I wanted to find the town where the author was inspired to write this manga.

    But I'm no Japanese nor have I been to Japan. But this is what I've looked up so far.

    Chapter 25 page 9 (Fountain)

    Chapter 131 page 5 (Fountain)

    This Fountain is somewhere outside Hiroshima Shinkansen(Bullet Train) Station

    Google Maps, Google Earth coordinates 34.396931,132.474896

    Now for the town where it all started. Though it took me a while to narrow down my own conclusion. I'll explain how I came up to this location.

    My first clue was Shin'ichi or Shinichi Bus Station. Found in chapter 131 page 5 second panel.

    But along the way I got confused between Kimita and Kuchiwa. Found in chapter 131 page 8.

    Though I couldn't find Shinichi where the bus station is between these towns. But these are two neighboring towns which is a part of Shobara City.

    You can find these towns in this google maps coordinates. 34.895224,132.869583

    I got stuck there for a while and trying to look for some more clues.


    But I can safely assume that the place they are heading is Shinichi given that Akari also said to Haruto, to make sure he buys the bus tickets that stops at Shinichi Bus station.

    But that trail ended for me to locate the town. I even assumed that Shinichi is just a fictional place and or town.
    But as I was moving along the series, I found another clue. Chapter 173 page 2.


    Further research I found out that traveling by bus from Hiroshima to Takano, can also take two bus rides or one bus ride with a few stop overs. One route is from Hiroshima to Kimita and Kimita with a little stop over at Kuchiwa before heading towards Takano. That cleared my confusion why they started at Kimita town and so I got confused between Kimita and Kuchiwa at this scene.

    and there I found what I was looking for. Just a little north from Kimitacho and Kuchiwacho.

    Google Maps coordinates. 35.035004,132.911351

    Though this town doesn't exactly look like what I pictured based on the images off the manga. I'll just assume that author Koji Seo probably sketched the town how it looked like when he was growing up and still living there before it was merged into the city of Shobara last 2005. That time when it wasn't as busy looking as this town right now.
    Town Merge Source,_Hiroshima

    So there you are folks. Though I couldn't say I am 100% accurate about these. I am just following the little trail of clues I found along the manga series. These are just my own conclusions.

    Chapter 26 page 6. Takadanobaba Station
    "The Angel of Takadanobaba Station"

    Actual Photo

    Google Maps coordinates 35.713253,139.704696

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    I dont know why u bothered o.o but congrats anyway. It's a possibility.


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