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Thread: Naruto Could Have Been a Better Manga, One Story of Its Own Kind.

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    Default Naruto Could Have Been a Better Manga, One Story of Its Own Kind.

    Actually, I would like to say that Kishi could have done a great job if he had planned or stick to the original story. This is because I think Kishi had a story, but he blown up because of either the fandom or the lack of decision maker in his team. Yeah, I think Kishi lack the gut to said what he think, and keep trying to serve allthe blabbering and whining of the fandom. I will give some example, but let review another story where the author think about telling his own story and letting the fandom appreciate.

    One Piece, it is. While I don't read the manga consistently, I have watch every single episode of the anime, and I can say that both the anime and the manga agree for almost 99%. Oda ( I think he is the author) did a pretty good job in my opinion. He has many characters, and each character has a clear defined role to play. He created Ace and Luffy, but though each one of the two had his fandom, Oda made a great decision by making their paths clearly defined. It was clear that if WhiteBear had to become Pirate King, then ace and Luffy would have had a fight,and the decision of who to make the winner would be tough. The reason is that when the time comes, both character would have become very famous. Thus, Oda removed Ace from the plot so that he can build Luffy to full power without interference from Ace. Moreover, Oda did the job very well, and gave Whitebear and Ace a glorious death. This is my opinion.

    On the other hand, Kishi did a mess with his story. Maybe, he can try to patch it and reach a clumsy redemption,but I wonder how he is going to do it. The two great flow I have seen about Kishi are: (1) lack of clear definition of the role of his characters, and (2) a great dependance of his plot on the reaction of the readers.

    Concerning the characters, there is a bunch of characters with overlapping role. While One Piece shows clearly who is the Captain in a pirate crew, who is the main protagonist and who is the true villain, none of these is correctly defined in Naruto. Reading Naruto and deciding who does what is a gamble. Example are the pairs Madara & Obito, Sasuke & Naruto, Jiraya & Orochimaru, etc. No matter how Kishi plays them,he has never made clear who does what, who is the strongest, or who is the main character or the villain. It is as if Kishi was afraid of telling his story to the readers. It is as if Kishi was scared of losing is fandom after killing a major character. On the matter, Neiji's death was the most pointless and useless death in the story unless Kishi explain why he picked him. As far as I am concerned, I believe that the manga would have been better if Kishi had made clear anyone one of these two choices: (a) Making Sasuke a clear villain and cutting all bound with Konoha, or (b) Killing of Sasuke in a battle against Naruto ( or the opposite though unlikely). I think so because in my opinion any of these decision would have led to better character development with clear direction. Whenever I read the manga or read the comments of the fandom, it is really difficult to see who plays which role in the manga. Due to this lack of planning and decision making, which always ties Naruto to Sasuke and vice versa, the two characters are always nerfed down when they found themselve on the same battlefield. As evidence, whenever Sasuke shine, Naruto is not around, and whenever Naruto shine, Sasuke is either in coma, or out of juice. I find this pathetic for a story. Such dualism does not even exist in reality and as we see is almost impossible to make it in a fiction.

    Concerning the strong tie between the fandom and Kishi, today chapter is one among many that shows this tie. The chapter was for me a bunch of pages of bad and useless explanation of all the requests of the fandom across the discussion forums from last week. One may say that Kishi planned it, but I will strongly disagree with such assertion. Pages without text from clumsy Hinata. Worst, Kishi wasted precious page to let Hashi tells us that he is weaker than the Jinchuriki of Juubi - plain BS. Such thing is the result of poor writing, in my opinion. If Kishi had planned the arc very well from the start, Obito becoming Jinchuriki should have been smoothly rendered and no one would have complain. There are many other example, among which the famous Izanami that came against all odd after Kabuto was shown that he was closer to Rikudo. Actually, until today, it is my opinion that Kabuto is more powerful than Itachi and should have won this battle. I still believe that if KAbuto had taken Sasuke's body, the story would have become better because Madara would have been dismissed, and Obito would have fight a serious battle of leadership for the villain position against KabuSasuke. I could go with all the BS character destruction Kishi did to satisfy the fandom as follows: Hashi's fate tied to Madara's, Jiraya's fate tied to Orochimaru's, Naruto's fate tied to Sasuke's, and even Kakshi and Tobito. Clearly, from the generation of Hashi's father vs Madara's father, Kishi had done no subsequent character development. They are all bad copies of bad developments.

    I hope I will be surprised at some point in a near future. This is my little prattling after seeing that Kishi reads the forums today. Some people might have like it, but I think it is the evidence that the fandom is writing Naruto, not Kishi.

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    What a essay...
    Though I agree the original story was pushed away. Part one was a masterpiece.
    I'm just waiting for the ending =/= The only reason why I'm still sticking to this manga.

    Though I can't say much for One Piece other than a lot of creativity was put into it = the art itself. Though the characters look weirdly drawn. Oda has a huge imagination. Actually all Japanese manga artists have huge imaginations.
    I've never read One Piece so I can't say which one I prefer, but Naruto has been with me since I was 7.
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    That was really long...

    In short: The Manga lacked a planned story arc and somewhere it went off the rails. In you're opinion this is due to Kishi's inability to write what he wants for fear of pissing off fans.

    Is that the gist of it?

    If so I agree with the first part but I don't think Kishi's problems have to do with his relationship with fans. I think Kishi's problems happen because he has no self control with is flights of fancy. Whenever a new idea pops into his head he HAS to include it in the manga. If he comes to like a character expect that character to basically become a god. If previous cannon doesn't fit with this new idea expect it to be retconned or thrown out.

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    Ur so right, I think what made the plot bad was involving sasuke to the war, at least he could had been in Madara's side or something but making such a drastic personality change out of the blue for sasuke just ruined his character development, I mean I know he is trying to do what his brother wanted him 2 do but after all those years of hatred he just switches of side ( he's basically bipolar now )

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    Oh did not just compare Naruto to One Piece...?

    While I do agree with some of what you said, don't expect the Narutards to be happy since you definitely just mentioned One Piece.

    Here's a flame shield bro, good luck with the incoming shitstorm.

    But yea, the story could definitely be it is right now, it just feels poorly thought out and rushed.
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    i dunno, One piece took WAY too long to start killing main cast characters. Naruto was doing it Years b4 that.

    And One Piece has horrid character designs, thats what prevented me from watching the anime for 5 years....and i mean i kept trying to gather my resolve and finish the first episode...for 5 years....

    I mean, Bleach was easy as fuk. Awesome animation, great story...lack ichixruki romance tho, brillient action.

    Fairy Tail had a GREAT start....and got FUKEN TERRIBAD once it dawned upon me that Plotsu(Plot armor Natsu) and Plotza(erza with plot armor) will NEVER EVER EVER EVER EVER lose a fight in their entire lives, even God himself could send a bolt of lightning from the Heavens at Natsu...and he'd EAT IT and do some fukd up RAI-KAMINARI-FUKMYARSE-RYU no HOUKO!!!! and blow the heavens apart...its that bad.

    But im not biased. Ill agree that one piece has many great factors to it...its just that character faces still piss me off to this day....

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    Kishi weakness is character and that's what make this manga bad.

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    I agree.. im actually pretty disappointed with how the story is going now for the past while.. i mean there are some things that shock me, or get me excited still.. but its not a great Manga anymore...though it definitely use to be...

    i do realize that latley.. for most of the chapters..after im done reading them i go "MEH"

    ..but ima read it till the end.. and ima actually re read it to see if its better or worse if after i read it in one shot.. cuz there is tuns of stuff i probably forgot..

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    The story was okay, but Kishi could have made the plots better. In One piece, Ace was removed for Luffy's development. In Naruto the case is different, aside from redemption, I think he wants to preserve Sasuke for a finale.

    What bothers me is that Kishi forgets to stick in his rules. The ability rules in One Piece is just simple, while in Naruto is complicated. In One piece, if you have the fire fruit, then you simply gain the ability to generate fire and bend it to a possible way you can, add each characters combat skills, haki levels and that's it. While in Naruto, the rules are so wide that it makes it complicated, it's centered on chakra which has so many rules, that just one simple mistake on a rule would cause inconsistency.

    From scratch, Naruto > One piece. Naruto was a greater material than One Piece. But as it progress, it goes the other way around. I think what made the manga bad is that Kishi can't be consistent and keep up with the variety of his manga. Simply to say, it's like Naruto is a sharp sword wielded by a rookie, while One piece is a plain sword wielded by a genius.

    Oh yeah i have to quote this too from Kel Uchiha
    i dunno, One piece took WAY too long to start killing main cast characters. Naruto was doing it Years b4 that.
    Well it's just part of the story, overall both stories were great. At the end it all comes down to consistency.

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    Are the so-called Naruto fans finally beginning to see what I've been saying for months? lol

    Reality hurts dont it!? lol

    One Piece is a million times better than both Bleach and Naruto put together! the only real problem people have with one piece is the artwork but obviously those people are new to manga otherwise they would be used to many different drawing styles.

    If you turn down a good story because of artwork then never read a novel or webtoon lol just stick to your pretty art and continue to disregard a decent storyline lol.

    Naruto totally disregarded the original story with the Pain invasion arc with all this talk of prophecies!


    you've got my old avatar! I almost thought you were me lol.
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