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Thread: Regarding the chapters, volums and other stuff.

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    Default Regarding the chapters, volums and other stuff.

    Hi everyone I just started reading this manga and I really like it So I tried looking up when are chapter release dates and I found nothing so I have a few questions.

    1. Is the manga over?

    I ask this because I've seen other post from who knows how long asking the same thing so I just want to get an update on this situation.

    2. Do chapter get relesed weekly or monthly?(if nether then when?)

    Is it true that there are more raw chapters relesed than translated chapters?

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    I like Buster Keel too. Sadly there are no new translated chapters and it just continues really slow.

    Yeah the manga is over since September last year. It has 47 chapters in 12 volumes and it was a monthly manga. But there are only 26 english translated chapters.

    Here you can find the chapters in chinese up to volume 10.

    I downloaded the last 2 volumes because I was curious how it ends and didn't want to wait anymore. Though I am not sure anymore where I downloaded it. I searched it on google and found it.
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