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  • Vulcan - Tsukiyo

    6 5.22%
  • Apollo - Kanon

    6 5.22%
  • Diana - Tenri

    60 52.17%
  • Minerva - Shiori

    10 8.70%
  • Mars - Yui

    14 12.17%
  • Mercury - Ayumi

    19 16.52%
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Thread: Who is the best Goddess?

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    Poll Who is the best Goddess?

    Six Goddess have been shown in manga till now. Which type of goddess do you like - intelligent, cute, powerful, aggressive, silent or cool?
    I've Already made my choice. What do you think?

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    A Hidden Hikikomori
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    Best? Best in what way? They are a team and they have already said that if one was to die, the other five would have to be replaced.

    If you want to know who is my personal favorite, well hmm.... Mars is the prettiest, I think. I would rather go out with Mercury than any of the others, and Apollo as my second choice for a date. (I'd get along with either of them better than I'd get along with Mars, that's all.)

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    Mars. Cause she is the Goddesss of Courage!
    but the Goddeses work as a team anyway,They all have different strengths and weaknesses.

    We haven't seen the full power of the goddesses yet.(It would be very dissapointing if chpt 189 was indeed their full strength,losing to mere vintage agents.)

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    Each goddess has their own charm, and that's why there is no goddess who is the best in all aspects. Anyhow, if I am to pick one, I would refer to Diana. Perhaps because of her appearance as Tenri (cute, reserved yet determined). But I see more in terms of her "human-like" personalities. She's more of a typical high school (privileged) girl to me that way.

    (Without any criticism) Diana's the most "depraved" one, loving Keima, even competing her love with Tenri's. Doesn't it make her some advantages over other Goddesses, who keeps their high places and priorities to their side (they might be affected by the hosts' love, but they didn't show it whatsoever) ?

    Besides, I really value her prioritizing responsibilities over her own emotions (both from the time she decided to love Keima - for the sake of her power recovery and the time she forced Keima to "love" Tenri).

    Another notable thing is her curiosity, as she was one of the very few Goddess who tries (or is excited) to understand their hosts (or even the human's world) instead of focusing solely on their mission or Keima's interests (another one might be Minerva, or Apollo).

    These (little) things make her more approachable and lovable than any other Goddess, to me.

    (I might change my mind, since I have a feeling Demeter will show up some time in the future).
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    Diana - love at first sight.
    And this is 21 year old man, ladies and gentlemen.

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    Why not Apollo..
    I mean she is cute, cool and kanon's goddess

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    Diana @____@ league of legends

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    Diana, for my opinion she is the most beautiful and wisest goddess. And she has a tsundere tendency

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    Vulcan. Cute. But i think too elder-wise
    Apollo. Lively version of Kanon
    Mercury. Exact opposite of Ayumi, still have her cute side
    Diana. Hmm... Nothing's wrong, but can't make my heart skip a beat
    Mars. Cool. But i don't really like Yui
    Minerva. her cuteness surpasses everything. And she's the host of Shiori too

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    The godesses are all cute but, I only like three of them.

    1. Diana
    2. Minerva
    3. Mars

    Mars has a pretty fun personality that goes perfectly well with the after-conquest Yui. The dynamic of the two of them makes Mars even more interesting and in turn, Yui as well.

    Minerva is just...Hnnngggg~ "T-This m-man...b-belongs to Shiori." Oh god. I died again. Again, the fact that Minerva and Shiori are together makes them cuter.

    Diana is pretty cool. It's true that she hasn't had any events that made me melt like the Minerva event I mentioned above but, she's still the best goddess for me. Why? Because she makes me happy. T^T Other than the almost absolute reason that I love Tenri and by proxy, Diana, she is a pretty interesting character. Among the godesses, she's had more time to develop her friendship with Tenri and there's something to their friendship that really makes me happy. She encourages Tenri, sort of gave up on her feelings for Keima for her(She acknowledges her feelings but for now, still stands at, Keima belongs to Tenri.), and did a lot of things. But other than that, I think there's still that extra oomph to their friendship that I really like. She's sly with enough pride to be cool but not be a prick. She keeps her cool which makes her slips ever more priceless. If Diana starts thinking Tenri and I are one, then, we're off to some threesomes! Lol. No.

    The only thing that bothers me is that the goddess attributes are played lightly in TWGOK. Mars was a aggressive, Diana was pretty cunning, and Apollo was technically "healing" the city. But, none of their usage of their attributes is at the crowning moment of awesome level. Well, their powers haven't returned completely yet and there hasn't been the need to really use them yet so...we'll see. Even then though, I'm pretty sure my ranking will still stay the same. That Minerva barrier! >.<
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