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Thread: sera grandfather death.

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    Default sera grandfather death.

    it is say that 9ad killed him but is it really the case. maybe it's not himself who killed him but a guy from the black defence groupe, but if it is the 9ad who killed him what sera will do?

    will she try to kill him or forgive him for shihoon. and if she try to kill him, what shihoon will do?

    because if she try to kill the 9ad he will kill her.

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    because if she try to kill the 9ad he will kill her.

    oh really !!? I thought he might let her off with a lecture !!
    of course he will !! she is not going to party .. she is seeking vengeance

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    I think she will come to terms with it! Probably after some tears, flashbacks and some injuries and pain on shihoon. She will decide to let go for the sake of him. But ofcourse she will never forgive 9ad. My guess is she will think as "This is the World we live in! So, s**t happens"

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    i dont think she really cared.

    She kept herself in a shut up world only attaining power required to survive.

    When the munju possition opened up Sera saw that as a political advancement.

    She speaks her character here, and it shows no attachment to anything including family.
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