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Thread: Mr. and Miss Fairy Tail competition 2013

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    Default Mr. and Miss Fairy Tail competition 2013

    Welcome Ladies and Gentlemen to the 2013 Mr. and Miss Fairy Tail!!!

    This thread is a contest to choose the hottest and most beautiful guy and girl in Fairy Tail verse year 2013.

    How to Vote:

    For Miss Fairy Tail:
    Name of Character
    Brief explanation why you like the character and believe why she deserves being the winner, max of 4 lines [Optional].

    For Mr Fairy Tail:
    Name of Character
    Brief explanation why you like the character and believe why he deserves being the winner, max of 4 lines [Optional].

    The Rules:

    - All Manga Fox forum rules apply.
    - Don't bash others peoples choice or others characters if you don't like a character respect the other user choice.
    - You must have registered at least a month ago (march 2013 or before that) for you vote be valid.
    - You must have at last a 30 post count for you vote be valid.
    - You can only post once in the thread each round and you can use that post to ask a question. If you wish to make any changes to your vote or otherwise then edit your post.
    -Posts and posts edited after the deadline will not be counted.
    -To avoid possible flames wars, avoid using things like "because he/she is the best character or other characters are ugly.
    -You can upload up to 2 pictures of your favorite character but those images have to be placed in spoilers. Avoid sexual images or "ecchi" images.
    -In the case of a tie the character with the most reasons will be selected.

    The first round will last for 15 days you can chose your top ten guys and girls.

    The second round will last for 7 days we will choose the top 5 guys and girls from the top ten.

    The last round will last for 7 days and will be for placement.

    The winners will receive a prize surprise.

    how to be biased:

    Epic troll nalu moment

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    Do I get a prize if I can predict how people are going to vote?

    Anyways, my vote goes to Future Rogue and Kagura.

    If only Fairy Tail Guild members apply then.......pick something trivial for me like Natsu and Lucy cuz they the main character, or sumfin.
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    For Miss Fairy Tail:
    Because she's half of what makes Metsu and Naredy babies.

    For Mr Fairy Tail:
    Natsu Dragneel
    Because he's the other half of what makes Metsu and Naredy babies.

    ~Check siggy for pics. <3

    Campaign: Everyone gets a cookie if they vote for Metsu. If Metsu ends up winning, I'll donate money to charity and pick someone at random (who voted for Metsu) to get an amazing Metsu poster! XD

    Quote Originally Posted by Decadus View Post
    Do I get a prize if I can predict how people are going to vote?
    You mean it'll turn into a shipping popularity contest rather than individually? If so, then you predict mine right. And that would mean my prediction regarding your prediction is also right. ♥
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    Made by Nagisa-chan. <3

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    Almost forgot about this LoL. *Sticked*

    Yeah guys be sure to follow the rules. Remember you have only one post so edit it after your questions are answered by the host (or me).

    The first round will last for 15 days you can chose your top ten guys and girls.
    And do remember this is the top ten round. So you can select of to 20 characters you want to see move on to the next round (ten guys, ten girls).

    If we don't get a top ten I'm filling in the blanks myself~
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    LOL Decadus...... Then why not OP? Do we get something interesting?

    Miss fairytail: Minerva> She's atleast a decent character when defeated(Nakama Pwned) that she doesn't go down good fast> atleast not yet now> great magic> Great seen potential and Some Great sex appeal with Cute panties

    Mr Fairytail: < Not yet concluded since I don't seem to fav anyone yet

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    I'm getting Laxus'd up!
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    For Miss Fairy Tail my goes to Cana cuz Gildarts said so

    Also potential girls I want to score well are:
    -Minerva, cruel and badass, I fell in love with her by first sight
    -Lisanna, I think she's more attractive than her sister and shes actually pretty cute
    -Ultear, Perhaps one of the most mature "Babes" in FT, at least from my point of view.
    -Meredy, I'm more into her looks than into her characters but this contest is about looks anyway
    -Kinana, she looks really good despite her being a background character. I'm waiting for her to meet Cobra again
    -Kagura, Shes modeled after a Hentai game character!!!!!!!
    -Mary Hughes(since only anime characters seem to be allowed)
    They're all good looking by the way

    For Mr Fairy Tail I go with Ichiya since he is by far the most handsome living being today(I'm dead serious, I'm gonna complain if my vote does get ignored)

    -Elfman those muscles express true beauty
    -Jura, his face looks so tasty
    -Cobra, scars are beautiful
    -Pantherlily, wins in terms of facial hair
    -Kain Hikaru
    -Edo Sugar Boy, dat chin
    -Midnight, lip stick...

    My sense of beauty for men is about scars, body hair and muscles
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    Ahhh, just what I needed

    Ms. Fairy Tail~ Mirajane Strauss!!!

    I choose Mira as my Ms. Fairy Tail because she is hot as f*ck. Her personality is great, a little too nice at times though. Her motherly figure for Fairy Tail serves as a perfect model for younger girls(most of the time) and she is just a good character overall. Her magic is beastly as hell, an Angel turns into a demon with a few seconds... I would like to see more of her in the future .

    Mr. Fairy Tail~ Laxus Dreyar!!!

    Like Mira, he is also hot as hell *__*. His godfather attitude is something that attracts many people to him, as well as his masculinity. I hope Makarov drops dead so Laxus can rule the guild... His Dragon Slayer Magic is pretty awesome, one of the few I actually like . I hope to see more feats from him in the future, as well as more interaction between him and Mirajane. And please...STOP TURNING into Natsu!!

    My Ms. and Mr. Fairy Tail Couple, and why of course they are dressed for the occasion .

    Runner ups for Miss. Fairy Tail( from best to least best)

    Kagura!!!~ Awesome as hell, love her swordsmanship .
    Cana!!!~ Most well-rounded girl in all of FT, really needs more screen time.
    Minerva!!!~Badass bitch right here, I respect her for her smarts, too bad Mashima ruined her.
    Lucy!!!~She gained a lot of respect from me during the Dragon Invasion, that's the Lucy I loved in the beginning of Fairy Tail.
    Yukino!!!~ Pretty nice character, sweet, pretty .

    For Mr. Fairy Tail:

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    Who cares?


    Lucy, cause she is fapworthy but more importantly: to piss off the haters.

    I' m hetero, that means i have no conception of good looking man. They are all ugly in my eyes.

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    Miss Fairy Tail for me is Mirajane, she is hot and kind-hearted, lovely.. and when she activates Satan Soul, she becomes really badass. Her role of being the bigger sister of Elfman and Lisanna is nice, she would do pretty much anything for them and that's another thing I love in her.

    Mr. Fairy Tail for me is Laxus Dreyar. He used to be an annoying power-seeking character, but then he became a nice guy. He kind of reminds me of Mirajane, since he is badass and can I say kind-hearted?

    Sorry if my writing was kind of weird, I'm doing this pretty late at the evening and I'm a little tired.

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    Miss Fairy Tail:

    Lucy, basically the girl that hooken me into FT, lovely character and while not the strongest,she's never giving up for her friends. I could say more but meh xD
    Mirajane is my second favorite girl, very pretty, badass magic and lovely personality

    Mr. Fairy Tail:

    Future Rogue, he's absolutely badass, what alse can I say? -drools-
    Laxus comes second, dem muscles
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