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Thread: Most Honorable and Most Pathetic Death

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    Default Most Honorable and Most Pathetic Death

    Sup peeps, been rereading older chapters & I realized some ninja in this series had some really touching final moments.
    As quoted by Guy "A shinobi's life isn't measured by his actions but the way he chooses to die."
    Also some character's deaths was so pathetic, they should've just stopped bragging or threatening while they were

    That being said, Alot of shinobi have died in this series, so there is plenty to discuss.

    Which ninja do you all think died most honorably? & Who's death was pretty lame?
    Also please explain why you chose said individual as best as you can.

    For me I choose Kisame for the most honorable death.
    Sure he killed his comrades(Kirinin) & betrayed kirigakure but in his final moments he showed exactly how loyal he is to his ideals(project tsuki no me) & new comrades(Akatsuki).
    That was a fitting end for a character like him, he protected what he deemed important & reflected on his life up to that point.


    For most pathetic death I choose Hidan.(techincally he isn't dead but man, he went out really pathetic.)
    The final moments leading up to his death/incapacitation were kinda pathetic, how he started ranting &
    Sometimes it's better to just stay quiet or acknowledge when you have lost.

    Your Thoughts?
    Lets discuss!...

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    the tony montana award for badass

    1. hiruzen

    2. kisame

    3. deidara

    most pathetic

    1. kakazu - reasons have been stated enough times.

    2. samui - " yoo dawwg i heard you like deaths? so i put your inifnite sealing inside..... "
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    Most honorable for me would be Jiraiya..he could have died already but with the 'will of fire' he forced himself to get up and made the code that helped konoha decipher pain's identity, and at his last breath entrusts everything to Naruto believed to be the 'Child of prophecy' was even very touching!
    Most pathetic for me is nagato.After all the skirmishes and destruction he did he just died after giving all his chakra to revive everyone he killed in konoha.

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    most honorable id say the 3rd hokage and neji.
    most pathetic was probably kakazu and nagato. kakazu had potential and he got taken out by a kid. in all his years of experience he couldnt outsmart naruto and avoide his rasenshurikin. and what johnrhex said about nagato too. the worst part is they had a chance to redeem themselves in the war by doing something epic. they were both trolled.. and badly. damn you kishi!

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    Most honorable death:

    Probably Minato, he sacrificed himeself, his wife and his newborn son for the good of his village and the future of the world seeing that he chose the best scenario for the situation he was in.

    Honorable mentions:
    - Hiruzen
    - Jiraya
    - Kisame

    Most pathetic death:
    Even though he is technically not really dead i'm gonna go with Hidan, i don't particularly remember any other deaths that made me think pathetic.

    Just remembered about Deidara, his death was pretty pathetic.
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    most honorable - zabuza, kisame
    pathetic - hidan, though he is not actually dead; kakuzu - that was my favourite pair :(

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    most honorable would be itachi or danzo, giving their lives all for the sake of the village when nobody even knows of it
    most pathetic: deidara... he wanted to kill orochimaru for a reason that is so less important that i can't even remember it, and when he realizes he is dead he just goes after sasuke and blows himself up without holding any worthy grudge against sasuke..

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    1. Neji
    2. Zabuza and Haku
    3. Jiraiya
    4. Minato and Kushina
    5. Hiruzen


    1. Hidan, even though he ain't dead yet.
    2. Kakuzu
    3. Deidara
    4. Nagato
    5. Samui and that other guy.

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    Honorable: Itachi
    Pathetic: Danzo

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    Honorable Deaths : 1)Deidara
    In my opinion Deidara's death was amazing . He didn't want to lose against Sasuke and he committed suicide . That was a briliant death . That was "ART"
    Yahiko and Minato death : That was speechless , touching . For their village and for their friends
    Zabuza's death and Tobirama's death .. Nothing special , but unforgetable. I'm common with will of fire and " the ninja way "
    Patetic Deaths:
    1)Danzou |
    2)Sasori |
    3)Kakuzu |==> All of them was so patetic , so stupid deaths . They did not deserve such a death.
    4)Hidan |
    5)Nagato |

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