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Thread: Is this a h-manga?

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    Default Is this a h-manga?

    Hi guys

    I was looking around for a h manga to read and i came across this under the 'adult' section.

    But im not too sure whether they mean 'adult' as in the violence or sex?

    help will be much appreciated


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    It means that the manga has either extreme violence or sex, but not as far as it can be called hentai. It does't saw penis or vagina, if it does saw it wοn't have been draw.

    A little advice, don't read Wolf Guy, it's crappy.

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    I wouldn´t say it´s crappy, but it´s disturbing and cruel.

    And also the ending gives you stomach pain.

    I also wouldn´t recomend to read it

    Just every shounen ecchi manga

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    Anybody who can't handle it of course not reccomended to reas

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    Default Wolf guy is too ****ing depressing

    If you don't like tragedy, rape and.....rape, stories don't read it!!

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    totally read it-don't listen to the other people...
    I LOVE stories like this XD
    It has full frontal female nudity (some shots are very...intimate) A huge amount of violence, sex, and rape.

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    It's actually a great manga,
    the author went a little overboard with the rape scenes.

    It's a bit NTR there...

    Be warned.

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    Hmmm... you ask if it is an h manga... let's see:

    H is something the reader reads for the pure pleasure of feeling something down there... therefore the amount of realism in the respective story is most commonly totally off, the kind of things the actors do don't match with either their personality or anything, and rarely is there even a reason for what happens.

    So is this manga an H?

    Let's see. Wolf Guy is an unusual manga in the case, that it doesn't contain ANY moe characters, let alone clumsy school uniform wearers that fall on the ground every time they see a lonely rock on the ground. Furthermore, wolf guy contains brutality, murder, dark characters, lots of things to provoke the reader's sense of justice. And most of all, it has one of the most fascinating character developments i ever saw in a manga. The ending is in this matter a bit disappointing though (not spoiling anything).

    In this matter: NO it is NOT an H manga.

    For the reasons not to read it: you must be able to endure pictures of brutality, desperation, murder, crimes and totally inhuman things. Oh, and a quite BIG amount of nudity. And also, you must be an adult. That's why this manga is called adult. Because it is meant for people that are not new to violence/nude bodies. If you are a minor, this manga will not only not interest you but it will also carve your bedtime with nightmares, is what i'd say.

    In this sense i would say the other guys saying DON'T READ IT IT CONTAINS RAPE is a bit unfair. The manga is really good imo, but certainly not everyone's trait. It's like Elfen Lied. Some readers don't mind the brutality/nudity and find it good, others get distracted by such things. It is certainly worth a shot if you know you can stand those things.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kinwarrior View Post
    If you are a minor, this manga will not only not interest you but it will also carve your bedtime with nightmares, is what i'd say.
    If he is a minor by just reading what you say he would totally be interested.

    I Actual believe that this should be read by minors has their tastes are lower than the rest of the adults here.

    This is because minors care less about plot and more about the graphical image. And while this manga is great in some aspects, it lacks on plot, side story and character background.

    I don't know about you guys but I am only 24, how old are you? And ask your selves this question at what age did you watch/read Evagelion? Gantz, Battle Royal, Claymore, Berserk, Elfen Lied?

    You play video games? Ever Played Doom? Resident Evil or GTA? Now look at your selves and see what all the gore an nudity did to you since you were a kid/teen to now.

    Just wanted to point this out cause people forget that Evangelin was in 1995, Berserk was in 1990(manga) and 1997 (anime), Batle Royal was in 1999 and the movie in 2000, Elfen Lied was 2002, etc

    It was all more than 12 years ago either you are all in your 30's or you forgot the age you were when you saw it.
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