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    Hello guys, this is my first post on mangafox!
    I just wanted to let all of you Trace fans out there know that Nasty Cat is planning a Trace number 2!
    Based on what I read and what I saw, it looks like this story will also incorporate the main characters of Trace 1.5, Han Shi Hyun and others along with the main characters from the original Trace. Although Trace 1.5 finished a while ago, it seems Nasty Cat hasn't published any preludes or prologues so i'm not 100% sure that it'll be published anytime soon, it did say for a fact that he will work on Trace 2. I'm not sure if this has been posted already or not but I hope this was helpful to all the other fans!

    The link to the page where Nasty Cat talks about Trace 2:

    ... I'm not sure if I should have posted this on Trace or Trace 1.5...

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    is this true?
    if it is I would be sooo happy
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