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Thread: My god, is there a main Arc at all?

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    Default My god, is there a main Arc at all?

    I'm relatively new to Conan, I'm currently on chapter 111 and so it's been nothing but three or six chapter arcs about Conan finding out who murdered who. There have been a couple Arcs that get really interesting, Arcs like the one where he has that woman that dies in front of him that tells him about the organization that made him small and the Arc where he drinks alcohol then becomes a teenager again. I think this Manga series is good but it feels like one big giant filler and I'm surprised it lasted this long do this. Don't get me wrong though, I like it for what it is but it's tiring reading chapters that usually revolve on someone murdering someone because they caused the death of a loved one or because some one betrayed another which seems to happen a lot. If there isn't a main Arc soon I'm gonna drop this.
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    Detective Conan consists of more or less loosely connected cases, so one can consider the individual cases as mini story arcs. Normally there are murder cases, sometimes there are theft cases where Kaito appears, and very rarely Conan turns into Shinichi and gets to spend some time with Ran. The dramatic impact lies with the fact, that Shinichi and Ran see each other so rarely, but still harbor feelings for each other, although it is unknown, if Conan will ever become normal again.
    As to the reasons, why people kill other people, well it cannot all revolve around money, can it? Sure, it gets to be repetitive, but the main crux is not the why did they kill/ murder/ maim/ etc. but how brilliantly does Conan solve the case. On top of that one can see the growth of the characters and their development (well, Genta remains a glutton, he is incorrigible that way). The moments where the Black Organization appears are like an overarching theme where Conan painstakingly collects clues to expose them.
    I hope, I could help. I love the manga, it is currently at its 851st chapter, some new characters have appeared and the cases are still interesting, so if you just like detective stories, some drama and mystery, a tragic love story and a cute but intelligent main character, then DC is just for you ;-)

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    isn't it obvious that it's episodic series? but yes it has Main Story and Final Goal, Marry Ran, Get body back, Defeat the BO
    But I guess you might want to skip to 170s chapters for when Ai Haibara appears if you want something, there should be guides for main story and sub plot related content somewhere but those are much easier to follow if you watch the anime
    nvm read something 113-116 the case with that big "guy in black suit" dying in the bomb accident and then go to 170s im not sure though if you missed the miyano shiho death by then though because it differs from the anime
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    I believe Detective Conan lasted this long because of its episodic nature. There is a main story, but you have to sift through a lot of standalone cases for it. There should probably be a guide somewhere out there. If you're looking for the main arc just look for a guide and skip chapters. This manga works because you don't have to know what happened in every single chapter to catch up. Don't be afraid to skip chapters. It's okay.

    While the story is very interesting, I find that some people stick to the manga because of the characters and the mysteries themselves. Things will get more interesting once you meet Haibara. I hope you give her character a chance at least. She's the Irene Adler of the manga for me.

    Longer explanation:

    Well, that's my take on it. Don't listen to me much because I haven't actually finished the manga (I'm only up to chapter 43 at the moment, lol) but I've been in love with the anime since I was seven. DC is appealing because of the mysteries and the characters. It gets tedious at times, but no one's forcing you to read/watch everything. No one will hate you for skipping chapters or taking a break.

    For me DC is like the daily afternoon tea while all the other story-heavy mangas are for lunch and dinner. If that makes sense to you.
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    If you want alot of action, bombs and more exploration on Conans skills and some characters past watch the movies

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    Here, the wiki. You have very detailed descriptions for each volume/chapter and the little signs that tell you what generally might interest you in a particular volume. Definitely read everything with Black Organization and new characters. You decide what else interests you. I'd recommend reading everything with Kaito Kid too - those are usually great arcs. But yeah, for the main plot - BO and new characters are a must.
    Hope it helps

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    It's been argued thoroughly so far, but the one final thing to note is that sometimes these "filler cases" aren't just filler. As PalletTown stated, some of them develop the relationships of the characters, much like the Valentine's Day case spanning from Volume 33 Chapter 3 to Volume 33 Chapter 6; there's absolutely no real plot development, with the closest being that it explains a minor detail that occurred in a main arc case, but it develops the characters and strengthens Conan and his motives. However, what some people skipped is that some cases later turn out to be important to the main arc. I won't give away anything too specific, but one case that seemed to be nothing but another filler turned out to be loaded down with evidence for a climactic main arc case. Furthermore, sometimes Aoyama uses filler cases to introduce important characters, much like he did with the Yumi's Love Story case; one of the characters is set to reappear and is supposed to be important, but the case is of almost no consequence otherwise. Finally, sometimes the events of the filler cases are meant to drop certain hints pertaining to the main arc, but are otherwise irrelevant; in Best Kojima, one of the contestant wore glasses to make himself look smarter, but the lenses caused him to squint just so he could see, and fans took this example and attributed the same logic to a four-eyed character who, from conception, was announced to be part of the main arc.

    It's tedious, and sometimes disappointing, but reading the whole story is always a must.
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    Default My favorite Brand= DC Chocolate.

    Detective Conan's plot style is definitely not for everybody. It is formatted so that it can accomodate filler while developing the main Black Org. arc. This style allows room for many varied mysteries with enough plot and character development mini arcs to keep the main story rolling.

    Now onto the personal side of things. I like this style of manga. Part of its merit is that since the main story allows lots of unrelated material and with it large amounts of character development. Be it novel, manga or even a freaking picture book I cannot stand it when the characters are irritating, inconsistant or lackluster. DC is a character freaks dream. It is the first manga ive encountered where both the main characters and supporting cast all possessed likeable and unique personality, I also love the natural aspect in which the plot flows as well. Time in DC doesn't seem at all rushed like most manga and i tuck into each chapter as if opening a box of mystery filled chocolates, with perfectly placed plot development, an unforgettable cast and tons of mysteries, tension, and laughs DC is by far my favorite brand of chocolate.

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    welkom to DC, haha!

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    the cases are generally seperated but there are one that contribute to the general plot and the relationship between characters but it is good one i see it since it first appeared as anime ;D

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