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Thread: Pace of the manga

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    Default Pace of the manga

    I'm not entirely sure if I can put my finger on what's bothering me but it feels like the pace of this is
    rather fast. Though, I could say that the whole beginnign was fast too, with their father dying and
    shortly after a huge skip, Kotori dies too but that (in my opinion) was just to start up the actual story.

    Maybe I feel like this is going at a faster pace than should is because I'm used to longer mangas, so I
    apologize if I'm mistaken with this statement of mine. What bothers me are:

    All in all, I just feel like that these situations could've been even better, given a bit more thought or effort. Then again, I'm not trying to say that the author is doing a louzy job. I don't know the circumstances, and as I said.. maybe it's bothering me only because I'm used to longer, slower paced mangas.

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    I agree >.<
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