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Thread: Shouldn't this be licensed already?

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    Default Shouldn't this be licensed already?

    It's already got 3 million monthly views and it is ranked as the 6th most popular manga on this site. Does no big manga company notice this? A lot less popular manga series has already hit the english-speaking market, while this still remains unlicensed... What's taking them so long?

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    My possible explanations:
    1) The most important thing is how much it sells, and this is a free to read manga in the website.
    2) A non-action manga will always be a less popular manga, even though to the fact of the rarity of good plot.
    3.0) Not all people have chance to buy the franchise of "The World God Only Knows" for supporting it.
    3.1) It is a rare manga that has a anime, that which gives a good love scene.
    3.2) It releases OVA(s) for supporting the franchise for the next season of the anime.
    4) It depends which companies want to licensed it.
    5) Or maybe you should wait for other comments that has more sense (of humor) to understand the reason of it's unlicensed.

    I don't know what happened in the world of manga/anime in business. But it will be noticed like SAO, Daily Lives of High School Boys, and etc. There are reviewers give this a recommendation, which could help.

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    I am confused as well. Though I'm hoping it doesn't get licensed anytime soon, because I want to actually continue reading it on this site. Unless there's a way to bypass that, and I'm just being stupid. I can't find any physical copies at all over here, so that may be a reason.

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    Rather, the publisher or mangaka in Japan rejected those kind of licensing. Which happen in many cases like popular manga like this.

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    Are you talking about this? Perhaps this helps? Seems it only applies in separate area's, maybe.

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