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Thread: I jus LOVD IT..but wasn't souchiro's revelation of his secret was kinda SCARYY :O !!

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    Default I jus LOVD IT..but wasn't souchiro's revelation of his secret was kinda SCARYY :O !!

    I was totally scared..but the ending was awsummmmm

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    i agree with you

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    just another wonderful thing about this manga.

    It brings out so many emotions and usually fear isn't usually one of them when you read shoujo mangas =)
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    Exactly!!! The fear and the anxiety I feel every time I read Arima's downfall and darkness arc is so powerful. Even if I've read it countless times it is still affecting. It's probably my favourite part of the story and the most touching. This story is incredible. The last volume bothers me a bit and I kind of think it was unnecessary but it's still nice to have some answers.
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