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Thread: something wrong with thoughts about chihiro

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    Default something wrong with thoughts about chihiro

    I just though of something. am I right in thinking that you guys think that chihiro will still remember keima's false conquest on her? well this is just something i thought of please don't take it in a bad notation but don't you guys think it's weird that every time keima tries to conquer a girl no one remembers his conquest on that girl? I mean if the ordinary students will remember he will be treated as a playboy and will not have a chance to conquer the other girls. so meaning that the ordinary people that have seen keima's conquest will not remember it. well I think that keima/haqua explained why keima tried to conquer chihiro.(if I am wrong pls disregard this whole message) and also chihiro witnessed ayumi's conquest so doesn't it mean that chihiro will also forget everything keima did?

    *this is just somewhat a suggestion or rather a thought I just want to know your ideas so please dont take it negatively

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    In normal circumstances, hell would alter the memory of involved people. But the reconquers weren't under hell's knowledge, plus his buddy was absent the entire time to do a report about. Haqua wasn't on duty in the few time she was with Chihiro and Nora is the type to avoid give unasked informations, so is likely hell wasn't informed..

    And even if she was reported, as she helped Keima and didn't told anyone by the time the report was received, they could pretty much leave her alone as her condition is pretty similar to a buddy (knows but won't tell) and they save power as much as they can (and in her case there's much more to change than Keima's identity) - they even let Hinoki incident as a city rumor because of it..

    Truth be told, the series could go with either, memory intact or erased, but IMO if she forgot it would be so anti-climatic and a waste of important scenes (like Keima apologizing/being forgiven) that I don't think Wakaki-sensei will do it...
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    well there is a chance that Chihiro would forgot the Keima conquest. If you already read the current arc, you will know what the factor is. Due the explanation by Dokuro there is the chances that Chihiro would remember the conquest. Remember Keima back to the past not to changed it but to make it right.

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    Yeah, I still think Chihiro does remember Keima's (re)conquest of her. As for the reason why, because I want Keima in the end to end up with somebody equal to him, and Chihiro (preserving the memories AND her feelings for him) would be a very competitive candidate. She might got her memories altered by the runaway spirit squad (since Haqua knew back then as they tagged along in Ayumi's reconquest), but it seems to me that, for some reason, she was sort of ignored. I don't know if it's intentional or not.

    Maybe the runaway spirit back then was too busy fighting Vintage? Or, maybe she has something hidden within? The last one's based on the closure of the Goddess Arc, because Chihiro was able to see the goddesses on the stage, despite the opposite case just before that on the Akanemaru. I'm not so sure about this, but it could just be for dramatic effects. But one thing for certain: she still has convincing grounds to appear once again.

    So, in other words, I agree that Chihiro would still have memories of that conquest. But practically thinking, it would be too strange, because I don't think someone like her would not be aware of the disappearance of her friends in 2B Pencil. But then again, either Haqua, Nora or even the goddesses could easily cast illusion spell so that their disappearance would not cause any (minor) uproar.

    You're right to question the surroundings knowledge, like Ayumi's 1st conquest (her friends), Sumire's conquest (her father), or Yui (her mother - and the guards). Apart from that, I think the condition was fairly private, and the conquest usually took place only among Keima (&Elsie) and the target. As for the mentioned ones, I think it's just (New) Hell's magic to alter (if not erase) the surroundings (and the hosts') memories, to make it easier to proceed to another spirit.
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    By default,humans (Chihiro)can see everything.

    But the weiss can hide form humans using gaps in the heart,hellians can take forms and the Goddesses can choose to reveal themselves to humans as well.So it's not really suprising that humans can see them.

    Remember the (The Men In Black solution,the the closeset to the idea) New hell process does not erase memories . but removes Keima's involvement as much as possible by "stacking on" false memories,thats it.What character development given to the girls will be intact,as it is not keima himself but thier own realisation that drove the weiss out.That aslo explains why the goddess girls can remember cause probably the genuine memories are still inside.

    So Chihiro will forget Keima's involvement but not her bleilefs.

    She will not remember him, but it won't matter.

    But she will not forget the Goddess arc.She is not a conquest target and was officially hidden.

    No "public safety" treatment for her.
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