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Thread: Prediction Hayate no gotoku manga next chapter

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    Default Prediction Hayate no gotoku manga next chapter

    This is the first time I make this thread so I hope you like it. Anyway I make this thread to know about your imagination . Okay that's only kidding but the real reason why I make this thread is to make discussion even Hayate no gotoku new chapter is not released yet. I can only see the discussion is exist when the new chapter release. You can write the number of chapter and the title of chapter and make the prediction. The result you can see in thread "HnG Official Spoiler Thread" and we discuss about that in thread "Current Chapter Discussion!" and by the way you can also include the conversation.

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    If i learned anything from this manga, it is to never expect a serie of plot related chapters (unless it is of course in a serious arc, and i dare say we are not there yet).

    When you talk about Nagi's trip, there is a high chance that some one esle also enjoy their summer vacation will accidently be at the same place at the same time. My first vote go for the idiot Trio, second go for Sakuya and last go for isumi.

    But with the level of this manga's randomness, i think next chapter 50% will be about Hayate and Nagi, other 50% is someone esle.


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