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Thread: This manga is different from the other mangas.

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    Default This manga is different from the other mangas.

    Seriously, people stop screaming that you are disgusted by the rape chapters. I am pretty sure that anyone normal would be disturbed by it, but you have to admit, this manga really is something, compared to other mangas.
    I mean look at it this way: She gets raped and has it put on the internet for the entire world to see and Inugami is too late to save her. Does that ever happen in manga?
    I mean, when Haguro said what they were going to do to her, I just automatically thought "well, Inugami is going to save her at the last moment, so I already know what is going to happen..."
    When she was actually raped by Haguro I thought "oh, well it is only he who is going to rape her, Inugami will make it in time before all the other guys get to have her and "do the actual damage" to her.
    When she was gang-raped by the other men I thought "well... Damn... At least he will prevent her face showing for the entire world to see..."
    But he didn't make it. She had all these terrible things happen to her. An innocent woman who just really cared about a boy who was in trouble with the son of a mafia boss (if I recall right), and then she had all these things happen to her because Haguro had to find Inugami, one way or the other... She didn't deserve any of that, but she still had it all happening to her.
    Does that ever happen? Isn't it always the hero who makes it in the last moment and saves the damsel in distress? Yes, that happens all the time in, not just manga, but everywhere.
    I agree that it was a little bit extreme to show 20~ chapters of her getting raped, but it showed the brutality of these specific characters, especially Haguro. And some of these scenes were necessary too, like when you saw her horrible situation and she tried to commit suicide, but was stopped. When Haguro saw that Inugami was on his way to save her, she was officially useless to him. So he even told her to "chew it off", but she didn't because Inugami was on his way to save her.

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    I just read this manga earlier. And it really caught my attention, it's really different from other mangas.
    I really like it

    then I was,


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