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Thread: Fukunaga Yuji's Fate

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    Default Fukunaga Yuji's Fate

    What do you think will happen with Fukunaga now that he has been eliminated from the third revival round? Do you think he's out from the game for good? Or do you think Kaitani (the author) will find a way to bring him back?

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    Well, a certain woman will definitely try to save him though I wonder if he will be willing to accept help, People have ego. I don't think he will be participating in the game anymore but that doesn't mean he is out of the story, he have the role to tell what happens during his game and how Yokoyo owned him.

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    It's easy for Fukunaga to return: remember that Harimoto and co have four spots guaranteed in the next round (as I recall, failing to show up after winning a revival equals forfeiture, and incurs a debt). If they're legit about quitting, Nao will take one's place, and Fukunaga could take another's.

    The key word there is "could", because I just don't see it happening. I think Fukunaga's out now. Kaitai's surely in the process of whittling down characters now, and Fukunaga's role lately has been interchangable with any other ally. I suspect her function will be to set up the "how did yokoya know about bid poker" mystery.

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    I think he has a vital role to play (as a babysitter to Nao), so he will return. How? I do not know. Maybe as a representative of another player?

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    as far as the story goes, the replacements were always those who had no connections with the game. Fukunaga was already a participant, a loser to be exact. i wonder if the LGT office would allow her to re-enter as a replacement

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    if you read kaiji, then you will know the hole of the liar game..

    the question is what will happen to person who always lose in the game..?? human trafficking, slavery, prostitution, etc. then it will make liar game is illegal organization, right..??

    if thieves steal from person then it will be get caught, because the person who got steal report to the police. but if thieves steal from another thieves it will not get caught, because the thieves who got steal from another thieves will not report it to the police..

    there is no debt or ending, it just game to make you stuck playing game for the rest your life. LG officer just using intimidation to accuse who have won on the first game stealing their money to make their playing in this game forever. but the realty is very easy to quit, because when someone cant pay debt it will go to trial, which mean the LG will be expose. so whatwill public reacting if know this some kind organization exist..

    the question is are LG illegal or legal organization ..??


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