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Thread: Saitama (One Punchman) VS The Juubi (Naruto)

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    Default Saitama (One Punchman) VS The Juubi (Naruto)

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    One hit kill?
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    Quote Originally Posted by saiyatan
    Absolute Zero >>> >>> punch!!!
    Weather/Elemental Manipulation >>> punch!!!
    Soul Manipulation >>> punch!!! by his soul
    Internal Explosions(making explosion inside his body) >>> punch!!! it out
    Dimensional Rifts >>> punch!!!
    Teleporting his organs out of his body >>> punch!!! it back
    Banishing him to another dimension >>> punch!!! it out
    Deprived him from all of his 5 senses and mind >>> punch!!! it back
    Time Manipulation(stopping time, make him age till he's old or rewind his time to a baby again, going back to time and kill him)>>> punch!!! the time
    Reality Warp and erased his existence >>> punch!!! the reality
    Transport him to the sun >>> punch!!! ...big bang
    Reverse his bloodflow >>> punch!!! it up side down

    yep anything could be handed with such a punch!!!

    got any complain ? >>> punch!!!
    Juubi don't stand a chance.

    Now, in all seriousness, I think Saitama may win, but I think it may take more than one punch. I honestly don't follow Naruto that much so I'm just power scaling Juubi off of the 9 tails and assuming he's a bit stronger and going from what I've heard IE: Him shrugging off some sort of ninja-chakra-falcon-nakama-clothesline or whatever.
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    Juubi is far bigger and hilariously stronger than any of the Bijuus.
    He shrugged off a combined BB from Naruto and B which is Island level and in his second form, his DC is small Country level.
    Juubi rapes him for now.

    It's too early to put Saitama in a vs thread anyway.

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    Wow....... 10 tails takes this..... Just because saitama one punched a bunch of people doesn't really mean he could do that to anyone....

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    Seems like he lack more feat. I supposed he might lose this, though the upcoming chapter might skyrocket his destructive capacity.

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    10 tails has tanked stuff far stronger than what Saitama as shown so far.

    Not to mention it also has a huge advantage in speed and DC.

    easy 10 tails victory.

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    Let's see. I can actually bring in some webcomic feats, (very unclear) and I think Juubi might take this.
    Huuuuuuuuuge spoilers below.

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