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Thread: Which do you prefer ?

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    Default Which do you prefer ?

    Just for fun .No bashing or whatsoever ,respect everyone's comments and opinion and choice .

    I would prefer Tora x Misaki than Shintani x Misaki ,to me they're just like siblings or really really close friends .

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    Both pairs have absolutely no chemistry, but I despise Shintani as a "rival", so I'd have to give the very slight edge to Tora. However, I'm not going to actually vote for him, since following him attempting to sexually assault Misaki, I can't even get close to picturing them together. Thankfully though, neither one has a chance with Misaki, since both have now been rejected.

    At least, with Tora, if Usui wasn't a character in this manga and Tora had never sexually assaulted her, I could slightly see how a relationship between them could work. With Shintani, it would probably be the worst and most unrealistic couple I've ever seen in a shoujo. They have absolutely no chemistry. Misaki is an independent character, while Hinata is a whiny and pathetic guy who is the very personification of a "friendzoned" childhood friend.
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    I'm happy that Misaki's with Usui even if that dude's a perv, he seems pretty nice in the end and he has feelings for her And she has some for him too which makes it really pleasurable to read, that Tora guy creeps me out and Hinata he's too... Much of a Glutton, Usui's perfect and they'll have a happily ever after ending when this all ends!

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    NUU Shintani > Tora! (this ****** over here accidentally clicked the wrong vote i really hate myself right now.) I think Tora is unreasonable and not attractive in any way. Usui is the best :3 but if for some reason he dies or something or it doesnt work out OR IF HE NEVER EXISTED OR SOMETHING: Shintani > Tora. shintani will make misaki happy but usui ftw

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    I better choose ToraxMisaki~~~ They're much more fit in ^^ Then Shintani -_-"
    But USUI~ It's greatest~ USUIxMISAKI forever~ They're fit in for each other ^^ ~~~~

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    As much as I feel bad for Shintani, forever being in the friendzone, this new chemistry with Tora and Misaki intrigues me. Although, I can't see Misaki ever returning his interest. I would like to see some sort of stand off between Tora and Usui in the future.


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