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  • Maria Kawai

    2 6.67%
  • Shin Meguro

    2 6.67%
  • Yuusuke Kanda

    1 3.33%
  • Teacher

    16 53.33%
  • Anna

    11 36.67%
  • Tomoyo Kousaka

    0 0%
  • Hana Ibuki

    10 33.33%
  • Ayu Nakamura

    0 0%
  • Other (please specify)

    0 0%
  • None

    0 0%
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Thread: Least favourite character?

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    Poll Least favourite character?

    Whose your least favourite character and why?

    For me its the teacher, as he just blames everything on the students whilst, being all his own.

    Then I guess would be Anna for texting the message to Maria and telling Meguro about Maria's mother and what would be best for her (lies?) i dunno
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    in my opininon it would be anna she accuses maria for corrupting her after she has done many things to help her also a very b***hy and cheating love rival(like any other rival) she uses maria to get closer to meguro and goes on about how much shes friends with maria and literally hates her existence i mean if you know you hate her just leave her alone get a life do something and she crushed the chances of mari and meguro getting togeher early in the manga <-- mainly pissed at her because of that

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    shit >.< can I make the choice undo? I accidentally chose Yuusuke...(He is my fav. charakter)

    (sry. for my bad English)
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    .I guess it would be Anna..she's so damn annoying!!!!!tskk..poor Maria.
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