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  • Daily Life Arc

    36 32.43%
  • Kokuyo Arc

    3 2.70%
  • Varia Arc

    5 4.50%
  • Future Arc - Melone Base

    3 2.70%
  • Future Arc - Choice & Final Battle

    3 2.70%
  • Shimon Arc

    30 27.03%
  • Representative Battle Arc

    31 27.93%
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Thread: Worst Arc Overall?

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    Default Worst Arc Overall?

    Well... with almost everyone in this board hating on this manga now..... I believe this is somewhat appropriate..

    What part of the manga did you hate the most? Aside from the ending....

    Shimon Arc for me... Daemon Spade and the cheesy as hell Vongola Gear just ruined that whole arc for me.

    I actually would have preferred it if Vongola Primo DID betray Shimon Cozart and Tsuna has to go out of his way to fix his ancestor's mistake or worse, put the Shimon family out of their misery.

    I also hated how Tsuna beat down a freaking Time-Space Controlling False God which was Byakuran and proceeds to get curbstomped by a middle schooler with probably much less experience than him.
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    The Last Arc Sucks.

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    The last 2 arcs was just UGHHHHHH BUT in the end KHR was the best thing I ever read. (excluding the last 2 arcs) Although I believe that KHR got cancelled/axed because the rankings got really low (like Magico) after the Future arc so I think that's why the last 2 arcs were so halfed assed (hopefully) because if thats how she was gonna end it....F*CK IT! UGH Amano-san should really make a website so that she could like put up art,one-shots and do like 4-komas for KHR . UGHHH WHY HAS KHR ENDED LIKE THIS WHYYYYY ALL THE GOOD SHIT ALWAYS GET GAY ENDINGS!!!!!!!!!! Man I wished that she would re-write the last 2 arcs sooooo bad and fill in the plot-holes.....

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    of course like 100% the daily life arc! it's so boring that i want to give up on reading them!! but then people said that it's getting interesting... so.. i just kept reading them! and it was so freakin boring! then when it reach the kokuyo arc! i was like hell yeah!!! the 2 month of boredom finally come to an end!! believe me! i hate it so freakin much!

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    The final arc so much rushing and asspulls. I just hope she won't do the same if Warashibe Tantei Numashichirō is good enough to start a weekly/monthly publication.

    She knows how to write cause she proved that all the way up until the future arc its just like to me she ran out of steam and ideas for the series and you could really tell by the last few chapters with Kawahira.

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    All the arcs had ups-and-downs but the last definitely takes the cake. (I didn't expect the manga to be one with superb middle then sloppy start and end. It's so funny I could cry.)

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    defenatly the future arc! i think things started getting weired and dragging on after that. can you go into the FUTURE and change that PAST, and why would you get the heroes when they are like, 15(?) to go fight in the future? wouldnt the future them be MUCH MUCH stronger? if the 15 year old them could beat up byakuran and his gang then the future them would have been able to do it much quicker, ((even befor tsuna died in the future.))
    also in the past why would Byakuran come and help them?! (after the future arc), actually the whole situation with the past arc foes coming back and helping the heroes happenes in almost every arc except the first one =v=.

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    I kind of dislike the normal days arc because it took a while for the real arc to happen. I say, more than 50 chapters? Oh my god. My patience ran out so I kinda stopped reading KHR little by little. Good thing I reached the Mukuro arc before I really stopped reading this manga. But the arc that really got me pissed off is the last arc. I thought there will be some kind of twist like where Kawahira will not accept their request or something and that he should continue the arcobaleno thing. Lol XD
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    The last arc deserves to die on a blazing hell fire. It feels stupid and you can feel that the author want to leave her work already.

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    last 2 arc messed up everything...

    daily lives arc too..jokes are lame..

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