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Thread: What is that new manga?

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    Default What is that new manga?

    So if you go on the home mangafox page you can see there is a new series called Colorful HnG . So i dont know shit about it.What is it ? Is it new , or did it just get scanlated recently? Is it even a series or a is it an omake kind of thing?
    Anyways, it has a great Hina cover so i'm happy anyway.

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    I almost thought Hata suddenly released some new HnG side stories or something for a sec... Nothing new, it's just a compilation of the 4-koma comic strips on the side of the HnG volume covers, along with some Shonen Sunday Magazine covers with HnG characters as the main cover...
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    so those are not the theatricals right (I always forget to read them) and are just 4 komas?


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