Guys, I know you already discussed it but I'm still anxious to find out, how much probability that Luffy (at end point in manga) will eats/get Mera Mera no Mi?

I personally think the probability is not zero at least, but not big either. Well it also has a pre-requisite to be fulfill though, and that condition is BB as final enemy in One Piece. Why it has to be at the end of manga? Because like most of you say it will be ridiculous if Oda overpowered Luffy with 2 devil fruit and still continue his journey with this overpower. It MUST to be the final battle, the most epic battle in One Piece history. So when Luffy already the strongest, the story end. Yeah I know some of you will say Pirate King not have to be the strongest, but the fact shows Roger was the strongest man in his era. Anyway here are some assumptions and facts:

1. If we think carefully, on what purpose Oda shows us that one character can have 2 fruits inside his body? BB is already strong with Yami Yami Fruit, why make BB overpowered? It's true if some of you will argue Blackbeard has special/unique body, so not just anyone can has 2 devil fruits all at once. But Luffy is our main character, we don't know yet if he has same unique body like BB or not. IMO one of the possible answer is to show us that when Luffy beats BB, he will become the strongest Pirate King (only and if only Luffy vs BB is the final battle). Also with assumption that BB already mastered the Yami Yami Fruit and Gura Gura Fruit, so he succesfully passed Whitebeard in term of power for story plot (even if WB in his prime). Yap, your guess right, the biggest probability why this is happen is Oda wants gradually develope Blackbeard as Luffy's final enemy. The final battle has to be dramatic, more dramatic than when Luffy lose twice against Crocodile before he can wins. We know Oda, a boss battle in One Piece isn't like in Bleach (sorry Bleach fans, no offense) that can be evolve during the battle. Oda wants the final boss also evolve gradually like main character not instant. And I doubt the final boss in One Piece is a new character that not be shown yet.

2. Why Oda gives us a clue/fact that when devil fruit user die then the fruit will be reborn? Remember its not disappear eternally, it's reborn to somewhere in the ocean. Yet, we still don't know the process in details. Anyway this fact opens so many opportunity. So far we never see this fact uses in story. Oda is not someone who give a fact about One Piece world and not maximize it. Oh yeah, if one of you argue the moment when BB catch/absorb Gura Gura no Mi power before it reborn and that's one of the reason Oda said this fact then you're right. I agree with you. But still I believe it's apply to Luffy as well.

3. Haki is good, haki is cool, but not enough for dramatic plot when it's come to final battle. I never seen Blackbeard use haki (CMIIW), but I do believe he has. So, BB= Haki+Yami Yami+Gura Gura meanwhile Luffy= Haki+Gomu Gomu. In short here is the final battle's plot in my head: Luffy will faced BB two times. At first encounters Luffy lose like when he was against Crocodile. Unlike Fairy Tail (sorry FT fans, no offense) even though Luffy treasure his nakama but only remember their face will not give Luffy power boost to defeat the enemy. So then one of his alliance will bring him the Mera Mera no Mi (maybe someone in marine (Coby), or Rayleigh, or Jinbei (because he looks like has quite knowledge about devil fruit also he is good friend with Ace and maybe he is not join yet because search for Ace devil's Fruit, who knows)). Powered up Luffy challenge BB once again and win. Just imagine every Luffy's punch powered up by Haki plus Fire (real fire from devil fruit not human made fire) and it can become stretch, bigger, faster with Gomu Gomu Fruit. It should be awesome.

4. Why Akainu out of list as final boss? Because One Piece is not a manga about revenge like Naruto (sorry Naruto fans, no offense). Luffy knows the risk about being a pirate. Even if Luffy up against Akainu it's not fully because he kills Ace.

5. It's true Roger was the strongest Man even without devil fruit, so to counter this fact I just want to say for dramatic plot. Or if you guys can think more interesting plot in final battle please sharing with us.

So the question is not you guys wants Luffy to get Mera Mera no Mi or not, but do you guys think its possible for Luffy get Mera Mera no Mi in his final battle?