Maybe it's not necessary to post this thread, but i don't find any other place to post it and i can't go inside the questions and answers thread, so im posting it here, sorry for the trouble.
Well, my doubt basically is, all of us who have read the future arc until it's finals chapters, saw that TYL Tsuna went to his coffin after returning, and above it were some papers that, if I understand correctly, are letters. I read this arc long ago, so i forgot the details.What is that letter?, what contains?, and from who was it?, i tried searching in the previous chapters, but i couldn't find a thing about it.
Maybe I missed something, dunno, but if someone could answer me this, and tell me some more details about it, I will be really grateful, i need this information cuz it could be useful for a fanfic ^^, so please, if someone could show me the light XD, do it.

Thanks to anyone who answers this thread, and I'm sorry for the trouble or if it was innapropriate.