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Thread: Samidare and Yuuhi's relationship

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    Default Samidare and Yuuhi's relationship

    (possible spoilers if you haven't finished the manga yet)

    Okay so let me preface this by saying that I sincerely enjoyed this manga, and the final chapters were absolutely fantastic.

    However, there's one thing that bugged me throughout the story, and that's the relationship between Samidare and Yuuhi. They're more or less the two main characters in the story, and in the opening few chapters their relationship and romance are set up very well - I thought they were two very interesting characters with some good chemistry, and the nature of their relationship together looked like it was going to be pretty engaging. But... after the opening chapters, the story just kind of... forgets about them. For the entire massive middle section of the story, the focus is put entirely on the side characters - the other knights - and Yuuhi and Sami's relationship is just kind of tangentially brought up every now and then. Apart from two short chapters, they don't get much focus put on them, and indeed Sami seems to barely get any screen time at all compared to the other characters.

    I understand that this is to flesh out this huge cast of supporting characters, and for the most part they are all also interesting and likeable characters. The arc related to Hanako and her childhood friend in particular was particularly good, as was Yayoi's character in general. But the thing is, these side characters along with the main plot of the war ended up hogging so much of the screen time and for so long that it ended up sidelining Yuuhi and Samidare way, way more than it should have in my opinion. By the time the closing chapters rolled around, the final battle, I found that their relationship together had been so forgotten I found it tough to remain emotionally engaged with them, which was important seeing as the finale entirely revolves around Yuuhi saving her from herself, and giving her a purpose.

    I dunno where I'm going with this, just venting. I did end up really enjoying the final battle and the finale with Samidare, but it just didn't have as much impact as it could have, I feel, if they had taken a little of the focus throughout the story away from the side characters and put more of it onto the primary relationship between Sami and Yuuhi. That said though I did love the hell out of the final "happily ever after" chapter with everybody's epilogues, and it was great to see Sami fit and healthy right at the end - driving home that she did in the end manage to become an adult C:

    What do you guys think about this? Thoughts?

    (Oh also, this is my first post on the forums, what's going on guys. Or something.)

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    Although the manga revolves around interpersonal relationships as much as it does inner strength it's still based around a shounen-y battle setting. So you've got fights, comedy and all the other characters to develop, you really can't focus that much on a relationship that is already clear...I really do understand where you're coming from and it would be nice if they'd had a few more moments together. But for me it isn't enough of an issue to talk about really xD

    I suppose it's just that it wasn't like there was any conflict between them for the author to work out, they are pretty much perfect with each other haha. Maybe that's why we didn't see that much of them, and even then it's really the princess who is of questionable feelings rather than yuuhi, since we have his inner monolouge :P

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    You did notice that every other thought of Yuuhi is of the Princess, for the Princess, or related to the Princess somehow, right?
    He mixed and mingled with the characters so much to find advantages and gain skills to help the PRINCESS
    At least, that's how I saw it, at the beginning
    I like saying "the Princess"


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