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Thread: Logia VS Paramecia VS Zoan

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    Poll Logia VS Paramecia VS Zoan

    In the past, logia seem like the unbeatable unless you satisfy some condition (crocodile- you need to hit him with fluid-encased body parts or enel- you need to be insulator of that element to be able to hit him).

    Since the introduction of haki, the table turns. Logia may not be the most powerful (eventhough the previous 3 admiral is a logia-type). So which is the most powerful type of devil fruit OVERALL?
    I do not mean this: Look, akainu is the strongest character, so logia-type is the strongest of all!

    Please take into account of Haki usage.
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    It's got to be Logia,
    Parmecia, the only one I think is impressive and overpowers Logia is Gura Gura no mi but you mention the word, overall and generally Logia is the stronger. Now, if you say Zoan includes mythical Zoan types, for they are far more rear than Logias, perhaps are stronger, but they are just too rear, again generally speaking Logia

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    The Zoan lose it. The mythicals are amazing but they are rare in number. As for Paramecia and Logia, it's difficult. Logia's are incredible, especially the likes of Enel and Kizaru posses destructive fruits. But they are rare in numbers. Also, we've seen very dangerous Paramecia fruits. Magellan's poison,WB's gura gura no mi, and Law's hax being the first that pop into my mind.
    As things are now, I'd give it to Logia though.

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    I think that Paramecia's are the strongest.

    Zoan - turns you into an animal to enhance some of your physical abilities.
    Weakness - People that surpass your abilities that are enhanced, like Luffy surpassed Lucci's leopard speed and strength.

    Paramecia - Gives you Super-Human abilities that are usually useful.
    Weakness - people with a stronger paramecia than you or weapons that are a hazard to your fruit, like swords to Luffy. Haki is only a weakness to a paramecia unless the paramecia users' Haki is stronger than their opponent, like Traflagar Law could use his devil fruit ability and cut vergo in half even though Vergo used Haki to defend himself.

    Logia - Turnes your whole body into a particular element or material.
    Weakness - Haki is a weakness to logias, like Luffy grabbed Caesar. Logias would be the strongest fruit when fighting where not many people have Haki, such as the first half of the Grand Line.

    I also think paramecia's are the best because you can enhance and train them, Luffy enhanced his by creating Gear 2 and 3. Some people have been saying that Buggy could enhance his fruit to cut himself into microscopic pieces. Also Paramecia's can be a natural enemy to some Logias like Luffy's rubber wasn't affected by Enel's Lightning.

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    Logia + Haki could be the strongest. As what Akainu and Aokiji demonstrated, being stabbed with haki but still unscathed.

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    I think that they are all the same.........if haki is included.

    But when there is no haki involved.....logia is literally invincible except for some avoidable weaknesses
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    logia is way powerfull and destructive than paramecia or zoan but it's depend in how you improve it.

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    Zoan all the way. Some people might think that 't/s the weakest but it'd because they always see Zoan users get beat up. But once you awake that certain Devil Fruit like the Monster Point of Chopper. It is far one of the strongest Devil Fruits that can really put up a match once mastered.

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    Well if you mean as a whole then Logia is obviously the strongest, then Zoan then paramecia. As always paramecia as a group is the weakest. There are more useless paramecias fruit than Zoan, cause even if a user got a low tier zoan fruit, there will still be some sort of strength boost, whereas some fruits like the spring spring fruit or human human fruit is quite useless.
    Though ironically, Crocodile said that paramecia type has the least variation and are predictable which is not true at all.
    So imo, if we compare haki + the top tier fruit from all 3 categories, i think they are pretty much equal.
    Yami Yami no mi>Mythical Zoan= Logia=Top tier paramecia.
    Well the Yami yami no mi was said to be the strongest which i found it true. It is definitely stronger than what was portrayed by
    Blackbeard, who looks weak because of his weird fighting style of not dodging and lack of haki.

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    I think they're all equal when Haki is involved. Without Haki then Logia would be the strongest since you need Haki to touch them or find their element weakness'. But I'll go Logia all the way since it's more suitable for everyone even if you're a weakling.

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