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Thread: This worth reading?

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    Default This worth reading?

    Is this webtoon worth reading?
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    Yeah, I'm wondering too if this worth to read.

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    I started reading this a few years ago. At first I thought that it started slow, but it turned out to be really good. Before you realize it the characters become very interesting, and you get caught up in their motivations. I was pretty mad when I had read all of the available chapters and had to wait for the next ones, hahaha. I haven't finished this season (I decided to let the author finish before I came back to read it, and then I got caught up in work) so I don't know how it ends, or if there is really an end (since there is also Trace 1.5 out). Still, I really liked it and was really impressed with how smoothly it progressed. To me it is worth the read.

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    VERY worth the read. 'cors I guess it depends on what you guys are looking for in a story but I really don't think this webtoon is missing anything story wise. Only thing u need to keep a open mind with is that the style is a bit different from normal. If you can handle that then this is a package of wonderful just waiting for you to open it.
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