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Thread: Asking for a spoiler

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    Default Asking for a spoiler

    I've read various posts wondering whether I should read the manga after watching the anime over and over again.
    From what I read, it sounds like I won't like the ending. I've also read that Kasuki had Juubei's child. How the hell did that happen when Kasuki is a man. Did his gender change. That being said, I'm guessing their where some unlying
    yaoi relationship between Kasuki and Juube. Any knowledge and opinions will help a great deal. Thanks

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    Well if you want an opinion, I'd say read it. I watched the anime first too and I had to know how it ended so I read the manga and I didn't regret it, in fact I loved it.

    The ending, well... I thought I was not going to like it, but I did, which doesn't happen very often.
    spoilers can be a bit misleading, the story gets a bit complicated towards the end and in my experience, what I understood from the spoilers and what I got from the actual ending were complete opposites.
    why do you think you won't like the ending?

    and no, kazuki doesn't have juubei's child... there's no actual gender change, kazuki remains a man, but... at a point ginji gets to see a different reality where kazuki is actually a woman, but they're not the same person, at least not technically.

    I guess this manga does have hints of homosexuality, but they're only hints, you can choose to take them or leave them... nothing really happens, Ban often jokes that jubbei and kazuki are more than friends but it's never confirmed. The anime had more yaoi vibes than the manga in my opinion, but the manga does have it's moments.

    Another difference is that the manga is ecchi and more violent than the anime. The manga has a lot more storylines, the anime also differs from it a lot, the first half of the anime is pretty faithful to the manga but the rest is really different (and of less quality than the manga if you ask me). plus the anime doesn't have a real conclusion while the manga does.

    hope I answered your question, if you have more questions feel free to ask.
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    Is there no hints of romance then in this manga that involve the protagonists? I'm not talking about shoujo romance but more like a mild side plot?

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    You probably should had ask for vague reason why people didn't like the ending, personally I didn't disliked the results, but I felt it was rather rushed with some characters left undeveloped and some questions unanswered.

    Quote Originally Posted by Nymnphette View Post
    Is there no hints of romance then in this manga that involve the protagonists? I'm not talking about shoujo romance but more like a mild side plot?
    Well not gonna spoil the real important part but Himiko later on is confirmed to like Ban, even having an erotic fantasy.


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