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Thread: About the endings.

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    Default About the endings.

    I read both the S.R. and S.R.Z. in 2 days(almost none stop), and i liked both of the endings, but i liked the S.R.Z. ending more.
    So let me get this straight, both of the endings really happened right?
    I get the feeling that the preview(HarimaxEri) future is more further than the ending of S.R., maybe 2-3 years after?
    And the ending of the S.R.Z. happened before the ending of S.R.?
    There are maybe some complications but i get the feeling that the author will do that if the series haven't been rushed, and bring us more concrete ending.
    Such a waste but oh well.
    Anyways a great manga, im glad i read it though, even though i was very late XD
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    I agree, I also think that both endings more or less overlap with each other...
    At least I hope so becuase Harima and Eri got together in the end in Z.
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