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Thread: Your Top 5 Fave Chars

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    Default Your Top 5 Fave Chars

    Haven't found a thread like this, so there... Note: it should be in order too.
    You can state your reasons why you like a character or leave it out. No character bashing.

    1. Athena
    2. Hayate
    3. Isumi
    4. Yukiji
    5. Chiharu / Ayumu
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    1. Hayate
    2. Athena
    3. Hina
    4. Ruka
    5. Sakuya/Isumi
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    you don't need to know that haha:)


    1. Nagi ( I think she is awesome and I love her personality its one of the main reasons why I enjoy HnG and started watching and reading it)
    2. Hayate( same reasons as Nagi's)
    3. Wataru/Ayumu( I like their personality very much)
    4. Himegami( Not much has been said but I still like him and I wanna know his story so not sure if i'm gonna move him up to 3rd or down from 4th when more is known about him)
    5.Isumi/Sakuya/Tama(I like them as well)

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    idk where i live.....



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    I don't really have set favorites for the most part, just whoever I find most amusing at the moment, but I'll try.

    1. Nagi. I think she's the most original character of the cast, and a large part of what makes the series work.

    2. Hayate. I like Hayate. I put him second only because he's slightly less interesting when the author isn't playing up his eccentricity.

    3. Chiharu/Yukiji. Yukiji just because she's underrated, and Chiharu because I really like how chill she is and being an important character that isn't gaga over Hayate like most of the cast.

    4. Ayumu/Ruka. Hamster used to be higher, and Ruka is quickly growing on me.

    5. Isumi. Isumi is awesome.

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    1. Athena/Hayate ( Because they are love each other )
    2. Nagi ( Because She is main heroine )
    3. Maria/Saki/Chiharu ( I want to see maid uniform )
    4. Hinagiku ( Because I want to see Hinagiku fight with bad people )
    5. Ikusa/Himegami/Machina ( Still search the reason )

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    1. Hayate: It has to be Hayate for me; he's THE REASON this manga is so good. I didn't know at first that this manga would be the type with 60 girls liking the main character, and I normally don't like those very much. Hayate, though, his character only got better as the manga started to turn in this direction. Most harem leads are the bozos who have no personality and trip all over the girls three times a chapter. He's like the main character and that awesome side character everyone loves all in one.

    2. Izumi: Izumi's always been one of my favorites even when she was practically not even her own character but part of the group of three that makes up her friends. I only liked her more after her character was expanded upon. Also, the part where Hayate goes to her house to return her cell phone is probably my favorite arc in the series.

    3. Hinagiku: Well, not much to explain here, she's one of the most seen characters and is a great character to boot. It'd be natural she's high on my list.

    4. Wataru: Wataru's pretty great, he's a very much needed male character in a female dominated world. I at first didn't like him in the very first chapter he appears in, because he was mostly portrayed as some emo kid, but his personality quickly and completely changed to one that suited me better.

    5. Nagi: Nagi's an awesome character, but she's really only at her best as a character when paired with Hayate. Otherwise she's usually somewhat boring, but still on my list nonetheless.

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    1. Hinagiku, one of the best cool-tsundere in all manga/anime I've ever read/watch. also one of chara who appears most
    2. Athena/Alice, best sad background and past,
    3. Hayate, interisting for a main chara
    4. Ikusa/Himegami (Love their mysterious background)
    5. Chiharu
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    1. Hayate
    2. Hinagiku
    3. Athena
    4. Ruka
    5. White Tiger

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