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Thread: Gravity Falls - New Disney Cartoon With Slight Adult Humor

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    Default Gravity Falls - New Disney Cartoon With Slight Adult Humor

    I'm willing to admit, my TV is on while I do pretty much everything because I like background noise. The channels it is most likely on are: Disney, TruTV, Lifetime, ABC Family, or LMN (Another Lifetime channel). More often than not, it is on Disney. I'm not particularly fond of the shows on there nowadays, or the movies they put on there. However, I can tolerate most of the shows more than I can on the other channels. The only time I'll really change is when their cartoons, Phineas and Ferb or Fish Hooks is on or of course when its the morning and the show for very young children is on. I do realize though that even teenagers and adults will watch Phineas and Ferb, mostly for Perry though. I've come to hate Disney cartoons, and most modern day cartoons in general. They definitely aren't what they use to be. I miss Rugrats, Courage the Cowardly Dog, Hey Arnold, Kim Possible, and all those other shows that were on Cartoon Network, Nickelodeon, and Disney back when I was younger.

    Now, for the past month or so, Disney has been showing previews for their new show, Gravity Falls. From the previews, I could tell there was going to be humor in there that was definitely too mature for little kids. This is not surprising though. This is Disney we are talking about. Well, I was not planning on watching it, since it looked stupid. However, happened to watch it the weekend it premiered. On Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, they showed the first three episodes. Strangely, I found it pretty good. Also, there is quite a good bit of adult humor in it. Most of it coming from the main characters', Dipper and Mabel, great uncle Stan, called in the show "Gruncle Stan." Here is one example of the adult humor I found in it from the second episode:

    The kids are at the kitchen table, when Gruncle Stan comes in and tells them they are going to have some family fun. The kids have a flashback of the last time they had "family fun." This flashback shows Gruncle Stan making the kids make counterfeit money, and then there are please sirens. Mabel shutters and makes the comment that the county jail was cold. After the flashback, Gruncle Stand says, "Who wants to put on some blindfolds and get into my car!"

    Now, most older teens and adults can easily take that line out of context, especially when it is an old man saying this to two young children.

    From the third episode, there is a scene where the children are fighting cursed waxed figures of famous people. Dipper ends up decapitating Larry King, and even proudly announces that at the end of the episode.

    Has anybody else seen this show? What are your thoughts on it?

    Quick Summary of the show:

    Dipper and Mabel are sent to Gravity Falls, Oregon for the summer. They are living with their Great Uncle Stan for summer vacation. While Dipper is putting up signs for his Uncle in the woods, he finds a strange book hidden in the ground. The book contains some of the mysterious creatures of Gravity Falls, along with some journal pages. One of them says to "Trust No One!" Now Mabel and Dipper go on adventures, unlocking the mysteries of Gravity Falls.
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