About Us

We are a group of lazy school girls finding an excuse to procrastinate. Typically we will release at least once a month. We try our best to balance both speed and quality in our releases. Occasionally we will prioritize one over another in certain series. Sometimes we may not release at all, or may release a bunch at once! But there will be announcement for those when it happens. But generally we just chill around.

Popular projects:

We Are Recruiting:

Japanese -> English Translators

Requirements: Fluent English and good knowledge of Japanese

Preferably has past experience, you do not have to format your script in a specific way however we are looking for translators who are confident in their skill to translate. We are able to provide effective speed drills/feedback if you are willing to learn, however please ensure that you have a good understanding of basic Japanese at the very least before you apply. We are unable to teach you from scratch.


Requirements: Photoshop CS4+

Preferably has past experience, and able to redraw missing textures and lines.
If you can only erase text and are unable to redraw you may apply with a partner(s) who can do that.
We make exceptions if you'd like to work as part of a small team. However you MUST apply TOGETHER and state that in your application. (one/group please)

Ex: Person A only erases, Person B fills in missing texture, Person C redraws missing lines.


Requirements: Photoshop CS4+ (Adv skill) and preferably a tablet.

Preferably has past experience, you must be able to clone textures and redraw lines to restore the manga image to the best of your interpretation.

How to Apply

If any of those piques your interest head on over to http://aoc.moe/recruitment/ for further info and an application form!

Please let us know if you have any questions, we look very forward to hearing from you <3