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    The Ca∫e in ℳidnight

    ◤ Seer / Human / Creature

    ℱuyuki ℋyo “Yuki”

    ◕ Gender: Female
    ◕ Age: Appears 23 [ True age - 888 ]
    ◕ Race: Youkai [ Yuki-Onna ]


    ❝ This ‘love’ you speak of. Is this an emotion what you feel in your chest? Making you want to hold the other close to you and protect them from all that harm them. Or… is love just you’re d-ck telling you ‘I want to be inside that’? ❞

    ◕ Hair: Smooth / silk – Starts silver then turns Raven black towards the end – Pass the lower back

    ◕ Eyes: Gold

    ◕ Skin: Pale – Smooth and cold

    ◕ Height: 5’6’’

    ◕ Weight: “Excuse me?”
    [ No one has ever bothered to pick her up, Plus she leaves no footprints in the snow -__- so I guess she's pretty light >.> ]

    Personal Details:

    ◕ Sexuality: “Men are such primal creatures and women are just weak” - Bisexual

    ◕ Relationship Status: “I’ll find someone and then someone else when I’m done” - Single

    ◕ Significant Other: “Come and I’ll give you something that will chill down your spin”

    ◕ Closest Friend: “Do you expect me to say ‘the abdominal snowman’ or maybe ‘jack frost’ or ‘Santa’? You are such a fool to believe half those creatures exist….I have no friend, there I said it”

    ◕ Pets: “Why must I keep such things? They can live on their own… and I can just visit them…. If I wanted to that is. “

    ◕ Hobbies: Taking walks “Yes that is it… is there something wrong with that?”

    [Something you favor]: “ah the chilling air against my face. When the snow falls it’s beautiful, and even more so when it covers trees, houses, and the rest of the land. Whether human or animal the sound of the snow crunching on the ground is always favored…oh I with that time of year will come soon” - Winter

    [Something you wish for]:
    “To love, to know it, to feel it with my emotions … and to hold someone dear, who actually cares for me…my whole self and not just my body”

    ❤ Loves:
    -Things that remind her of the winter season
    -Ice cream “I have recently tried Italian ice, just delicious”
    -Taking walks “It does not matter where… but it’s usually to here”
    -Having conversations with those she deems friendly and without ‘ill intent’

    ☠ Fears:
    -“As strange as it sounds… falling for someone, I’d rather not state my reasons”

    “There is difference between what you dislike and fears, but it is pointless for me to tell you what I hate; since it is the majority of life it self.” – Dishonesty and Betrayal.

    ◕ Powers (Limit 3): [Basically what a Yuki Onna is T_T]

    -Freezing Ability to transform moisture/water into varying forms of ice and control, manipulate and move it as they wish. Lowering the temperature of an area.

    -Ice Breath : To exhale ice from oneself. The Ice Breath has a variety of forms; often it takes a very odd combination of ice-cold water, freezing whatever it touches, along with a semi-liquid form of ice, and freezing water vapor. Sometimes only one of these forms can be exhaled.

    -Limits and Effects of powers

    .....oHer powers cause her to have Cold Proof Skin Endure extremely low temperatures, hypothermia, and freezing. Her skin feels cold to touch, and is likely probably why her heart is the same way.
    .....oCreation of Ice depends on the amount of moisture available, Dry areas make this harder or impossible.
    .....oUnable to control or manipulate water, except possibly slush.
    .....oAs with all cold/ice, is affected with abilities using Fire/heat and Magma
    .....oVibrations are difficult (if not impossible) to freeze, as they cause the ice to shatter, making sound-based abilities a perfect counter.

    ◕ Personality:

    All these years she spent existing in the world, there things she knows more than others yet knowledge of her own self is far from her grasp.

    Being as what she is…Yuki is a ‘naturally’ cold hearted woman. [To those who fail her ‘tests’] Seductive; preying on those who seem to invite themselves to her side, then ‘leaving them for dead’ – Puts her self out as a hypocrite due to her own dislike of liars, deceit and betrayal. She despises both men and woman for “they always seem to listen to their hormones’ Always keeping this in mind, and then putting up a masked smile of a friendly young woman. This mask of hers stays until the end of her ‘test’ showing whether or not that smile will stay or even remain the same.

    “It is a test of my trust, a test of the heart… meaning no; it’s not a quiz on love so you’re not going to die silly girl”

    She speaks in a polite manner showing that she thinks highly of herself, putting up an air of an aristocrat; Pompous. What 'I' say is not always correct but it is just ... it is fact, this is the way 'I' think. Judgmental: She is very critical of others, no matter who they are, but she knows better to keep her mouth shut about it; even harsh words escape her lips, whether she means it or not is something that she will never tell you. Kept from all, even her self, she is a very lonely woman – never knowing what her heart is for, always thinking ‘Why is this here if it does not beat?’

    Idea-driven; once she has this idea in her head, she starts feeling an impulse; one that she resists yet keeps thinking about until her body moves on her own; Impulsive yet self controlled. - This she does not understand about her self - Caring and kind - Something that she denies about herself.

    ◕ History:

    “I come all the way here to have a meal and....*sighs* ...Fine if you want a story I’ll tell you one”

    In the mountains of… where was it again?

    “I have not bothered to learn such a mountain’s name, but it is close enough for me to come here, that is all.”

    Why in the Mountains though? You ask. A being such as Fuyuki it is natural to see her in such a place. Born of ice and snow with… a heart? Why does she have one? It’s not even beating. In her days alone she spends sitting, even wandering around in the mountains on her nightly stroll; she ponders this phenomenon. Why does she have a thing if it does not function? A shadow, glimpses in the corner of her eye. A pair of humans walking together hand and hand. They were smiling they were laughing, happy and enjoying the other’s company. The observation went on as curiosity struck her. They stopped… what was this they were doing? …kissing? This was a couple in …Love?

    “How do I know that word?”

    A curious thing, it really was; knowing something, a word you’ve never heard before.

    “I want to try it. This love seems like a nice thing. It makes humans happy… can I feel that way too?”

    She continued her strolling as she encountered traveler to traveler. They always seemed to be a curious bunch, but they also never seemed to be by themselves. Time passes, which only seemed like days to her; A traveler... a male... by himself no less!

    “Ah this is my chance. What should I do?”

    She walked out casually as if she was passing by, leaving no footprints to prove she was ever there. The man noticed with widened eyes, astounded by the sight of her. She covers her mouth with her sleeve as a flirtatious smile graces her face. Just about to pass each other the man stops her. He takes her by the arm, she emits a cold air. He let’s go in surprise.

    “Are you not cold?”
    “I am not”
    “…but your clothing is so thin”

    This conversation went on. Why was this man so concerned with her clothes and the weather? It was curious – she thought – She wanted to know more about this person whom she just met; This man named Irie. Their conversation began evolve more and more, becoming friends. It seemed like hours, noticing that the sun had set.
    From then on, they met from day to day. She wondered why he kept on visiting so often; it couldn’t just to see her was it? – From this she popped the question. His answer;

    “I am looking for someone…”
    “Someone…? Like who?”

    Seeing his smile, saying these words; Yuki could have sworn she felt something. Why was this man looking for her?

    “…It’s because I fell in love with you”

    A… confession…? This man was… in love with her? Now even more she wants to know about this man she spent so much time. Time passes and days go by without notice. His visits become more frequent. Coming up the mountain this time he asks a favor of her.

    “…What kind of favor?”
    “…a mirror”

    This ‘favor’ was confusing; it seems rather strange… doesn’t it? Regardless, it was a simple task that she was willing to accept from a man such as Irie. With just a little energy she created the mirror of ice – it was the first time she showed her power. It astounded her, intrigued him rather than made him tremble in fear. Taking the mirror he thanks her then left just then, showing his gratitude. Watching him walk down the mountain, she noticed that this visit was… short. She only hoped that he would return again for a longer visit.

    Days… nights… it was nearing the end of winter. Yuki was feeling impatient, waiting all the time. Where was he? He never returned since that time. Did something happen? The longer she waited, the more she began to worry. Thoughts of tragedy began to continuous swirl in her mind. Why? Why!? Why had he not returned?

    ‘Patience is a virtue’, but such things are often broken with out a care for the consequence; now matter how painful it might be. Despite knowing this, despite his lack of understanding for his or even her own feelings and impulses she traveled down the mountain. – This was a mistake. She should have turned back, she should have never gone down; at the bottom of the mountain what was it that she found? Another who was holding a similar appearance to her?

    “What is with this similarity?”

    The next day he never visited…this time … Yuki was the visitor.
    Pretending that she had never seen the other woman, acting as if her wrath was no where to be visible; She made a confession.

    “I love you… I’ve missed you and always think of you when you are not here”

    This was a lie. Irie seemed happy to have heard this though; it was laughable – if only she could do so out loud she would. He drew closer to her, apologizing for his absence; making excuses such as ‘I had work’. Lies, LIES how could he do such a thing and then… not tell the truth?

    A ‘loving’ embrace, followed by a deadly kiss; a kiss which froze the man’s heart, stopping it completely. He was her first love? Can it be called that? Watching the man die… crumble at her feet, she felt nothing; no sadness, regret… just the same cold chill in the place of her she has always had.

    “I still want to know what love is…”

    Repeating the same cycle
    Over and over
    Finding someone who claims the words
    I love you
    Then don’t mean it in the end
    These are just words
    This is not a feeling
    You are the one hallucinating
    Not me
    So perish in your loneliness
    As I give you ‘the cold shoulder’
    And never say those words again
    Those lies you keep repeating

    “I still don’t know what how it feels…”

    [ D O N E ! ]
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    [ 罪 ] See no Evil, Hear no Evil, Speak no Evil - Rp

    Ѻdetta Ѧurelie Ḻefaye

    "Give me that, I can make use for it. Give it to me, I want it. Please just hand it over. I said give it."

    Important Info. ll

    → Nickname: Ode, Ettie, Lilie
    → Gender: Female
    → Sexuality: “I like what I like…I take what I want…”
    → Age: 12
    → Origin: Southern France

    Appearance Info. ll

    →Hair: Very Long wavy Gold Blonde hair
    →Eyes: Goldish-Hazel
    →Build: Petite
    →Height: 4’9’’
    →Weight: 91 lb
    →Skin Complexion: Light Beige
    →Scars/Tattoos: None
    →Birthmark/Piercings: Earring: stubs in her ears.

    Other Info. ll

    →Role: Greed

    → Power: [Hair Manipulation]

    Odetta is able to move her hair as if they were appendages (i.e. arms and hands). She can grab objects with locks and strands. The strength of her hair is equivalent to (only) twice the strength of her own arms. She is only able to make them in the form of hands or tendrils. She can only control what is on her own head. Her reach is only as long as her hair is. Since its hair, damaging it won’t physically hurt her; but because it’s hair weaknesses (fire, ice etc) are obvious.

    →Mental issue(s): [Compulsive Hoarding]

    O.C.D. Obsessive compulsive disorder, simply that. Her impulsiveness to steal, or simply take the item the moment she wants it. She grows attachment for the object, albeit after not seeing it for a while; not wanting any one to touch it. It’s not something she understands, let alone wants to talk about; she just thinks of it as a ‘natural’ thing to touch, take and keep it from others. She thinks it’s interesting; she’ll keep it and not want to let it go.


    Selfish, possessive, obsessive…Impulsive; Take with thy hands and never give back, snatch what thee so desires; never let go if it, never let others have what you want – Greed. She believes everything has a use one way or another, taking it so she can use it later. She always behaves curiously in how things she encounters work. When she can’t figure it out she’ll store and just say ‘I’ll get back to it later’. Due to the fact she is idea driven; Odetta would act immediately on that thought; if she would want that item, to know how it works; she would take it, especially if it’s something no one has ever had because that just makes her feel special. She always wants to keep her self busy, find something new that she could have fun with; Odetta just hates being bored is all.
    Odetta will take until she has everything, though she already has a lot; she only wants more, keeping them locked up in her room yet unwilling to let others see. She won’t say why, she’s too ashamed to…She is stubborn- She won’t admit to anything, not to stealing nor borrowing not even to the ‘so called’ problem she has; she will deny it no matter what. As far as you know, she’ll try and act innocent like she didn’t do a thing. She won’t even ask for help, that she will deny as well if offered. As far as she can see in her eyes, she takes care of the things she stores-Caring for ‘what is hers’. Kind- when there is something she wants. Take away, what is her; She will be upset; how? Well it just varies; she will instantly be irritated, she will instantly be anger and she WILL TRY to take back, what had previously claimed, by force. Doesn’t this make her sound so childish?


    From the depths of southern France, is where Odetta was from. She pretty much raised herself in her young 7 year old child hood. Her parents rarely seemed to be home when she was awake and her babysitter just was… plain irresponsible. Going from school to home, Odetta found that she would go through the same routine; even when she wants to do something different. She would walk by herself, leaving school before her babysitter could make it and pick her up. She would follow the same route to home, seeing the same buildings, trees and etc through every stroll. Her fingers would touch the clean picket fences and she would find something interesting and observe it. From rocks to bugs to mammals she would just stand there and see what they would do. This process was repeated over and over throughout her daily life. She was usually alone on her routines, which is usually something most children and their parents would avoid. What she didn’t know was that someone finally noticed this, that someone started to observe her from afar.

    One day walking in to her house, she found that her parents were home. Odetta was happy about this but her parents seemed angry. Why? She wondered. Looking across the room she noticed her so called care taker had gotten home before her. They disciplined her as if they believed they were good parents, of course Odetta listened to their words and agreed; but the fact is Odetta’s body would not allow her to break from that routine. She was too impatient to wait for her caretaker; she could not help but walk the same path. It was in evident that she would get into trouble once again.

    Her routine went on, defying her parents and doing as she wanted; it lasted until she saw a new man in the house. She wondered who this new person was. He introduced himself as a man of Karneval; Odetta had heard of them before from the older kids but why was he here? According to her parents, they were sick of her not listening to their warnings; and due to her good grades they were sending her there. The man claimed that their programs were good and that they were one for discipline. She listened but she didn’t believe that they could change her. She went along with it, not that she had any choice in the matter; Odetta thought that it might be fun.

    Arriving there she discovered what type of things they would do to her. Her interest in things started to increase. She couldn’t help but touch things, like the object and want to have it. She started taking things to her room, keeping it there. It piled higher as time passed on. When the doctors as her to give back or get rid of some of the stuff, she refused; she liked the objects too much to let go of them. She found herself draw to objects of her interest, taking those things without any intention of letting them go.

    E N D (For now lol~)
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    Co-Owners: Sinyorita & Utaikata

    Genre: Adventure, Action, Mystery, Dark, Thriller, Mature(PG17 ),Romance

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    [ Scotland Yard Continued ]
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    Kitai Romanx

    期待 浪漫

    Age - appears to be in early 20's

    Race - Human Chimera
    ↳ Raised as a Venusian Amazon

    Power - Enhanced Natural Physical Ability.

    Fighting Style
    • Due to her upbringing Kitai can become quite an aggressive fighter so..."when the hat comes off, run..."
    • A more appropriate for the way she fights would be called Pankration "at least that is the closest style on earth I can compare it to"

    Weapon - She prefers to fight with her bare hands, only using her Venusian Battle Axe when she deems it necessary. Her axe is compacted with a small retractable knife.

    Sex - Female

    Chaotic Neutral




    Appearance Details:

    ↳ Hair and eyes have absolutely no pigment.

    Skin: Ivory

    Height: 5'11" (180.34 cm)

    Weight: 170lb (77.1107kg) "...s'all muscle~"

    - A cross like scar over her left eye

    - A mole on the back of her neck.

    ♥ - Animals (real ones & cute stuffed)

    ♥ - Dark Novels

    ♥ - Chubby baby cheeks

    ♥ - She respects those who (even if physically weak) have valor.

    ♥ - Her favorite hat and her cross necklace.

    ♥ - Meat

    ♥ - Challenges.


    ✘ - Men (with the exception of 3, including her father)

    ✘ - High heels

    ✘ - When people don't keep to their word.

    ✘ - Cheaters.

    ✘ - Long names


    ↳ She is weak to dealing with small children.
    ↳ That fact she has a visible scar shows she isn't invincible.
    ↳ Her sense of pride and honor.
    ↳ For some reason, adultery she does not comprehend.


    "I fear NOTHING!"
    As she was raised among amazons there should be nothing she is afraid of.
    ↳ The day in which she has to lie in bed with man would be the only day in which she fears the most.



    Her real name is Natsuki Anastice Romanov-Rezanov
    What is your reason for being here and what do you want in the future:

    She came to earth to see and learn of the birth place of her parents. After that she will figure it out later...

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    Default Demon's Secret Contract ~Shounen Ai~ RP

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    $hai ♏arkata Ḻeos

    Age: 24
    Sexuality: Straight
    Occupation: Mystery Author "You should know what I mean, I need not to repeat my self"

    - He has an unhealthy obsession with books =.=;
    - His hair became gray due the stress of his job and, in those times, his forgetfulness to eat.



    Stoic, callous, Pompous. Shai can be harsh and blunt with his words, but this does not mean he is cold hearted.Rather when these words come from his mouth, seeing the result of what they had done; he truly regrets his words. Sadly this does not mean that he would instantly apologize, or even shows that he is sorry. His expression are never exaggerate rather when he does show more emotion it means a lot that they are even shown; truly what goes on his mind is shown more as a contradiction to what is seen on the out side. One can say that he is kind hearted and caring (?) but this is just because he just knows how to show sympathy for others. He'll never say what's really feeling; he doesn't like getting in others way and would be of help to them than be a burden. Shai is the type of person would rather be alone, preferably so he could read his books. If one is willing to talk, Shai is rather talkative when he wants to be; whether or not he cares about the company of others depends on his mood, and how they act around him.


    Blood "?" Sweat "..." Tears "!?" In his dictionary there is no such thing as 'normal' or 'ordinary' only the boring life we live with anything significant to happen in our lives; no drama no tragedy just life. Well this was the type of life, Shai could only wish he grew up in. His life was nothing extravagant, but neither was it tragic either; he had a roof over his head and ate 3 meals a day. The problem did not lie completely on the parents who allowed Shai to have the freedom to do as he pleased; a bit too much freedom perhaps. Shai practically raised himself, fending for himself against the prejudice police of his country and the kids who liked to play bully. He never learned to ask for help this was something he was never taught or told he could do. It was practically a losing battle; completely so the day he lost his eye.

    Going to school Shai had good grades, normal to the school standards but advanced in reading. Now you know why he was bullied - life is a b-tch isn't it? Shai was only walking home, feeling the hot sun beaming down on him; carrying two or three books in his arms. Turning the corner to a place where less people would show their faces, the so called bullies showed their faces. Shai never knew their reasoning for why they picked him, or what was so bad about his skills with books but this didn't stop them or left him alone. The whole thing ended in a flash as Shai found himself pinned to the ground by a two of the guys, holding him by his arms and legs so he couldn't run. All Shai could hear was their sneers, all he could see was their silhouettes reflected by the sun as well as his own pen held in the thirds hands.

    The last thing he saw was the tip of pin piercing his eye - Shai was in deep pain, screaming from it as he was bleeding, cussing the other boys whom decided to run as to not get caught by who ever came for help. All that Shai could think moments later was 'at least the police are nicer today'

    Shai from then on lived with only able to see from his left eye, never explaining to his parents why he never told them about his problems... why he only chose the one time where he could of bled to death to 'ask' for help from others. Shai only remained silent feeling there was no need to exaggerate his condition now that the pain was gone... now that his harassers were exposed.

    On a scholarship, Shai was sent to college in Japan. To study publishing, like always a path of his choice. As mentioned before this part of his life was nothing out of the ordinary - going to school, taking classes, go the library then go home - A routine he followed day in an out, deciding to write some books to pass the time whenever what he wanted to read was already checked out. A single detour to a coffee shop for lunch brought Shai to his editor. A man who was kind enough to share his table in the crowded room. Writing, the pen scratching upon the surface.. Shai's editor noticed what was being wrote down and was intrigued. He asked to see it then asked to publish it in their magazine. Shai agreed - it was only a hobby so.. why not? - he thought. As fast as he met the man, Shai watched him leave in a quickened and perked pace; it was quite irritating in Shai's eyes.

    Deciding to leave himself, as to not be late for his class - Shai left the shop. He was not in a hurry but leaving at that time seemed right to not be late. Stopping just across the street from his campus, Shai ended up kicking something. He looked down to see a gold pocket watch at his feet. It was a beautiful peace, crafted by a 'true professional' he believed as he observed it now in his hands; but who's was it? There was no one around, when he asked, no one seemed to have seen such a person drop something so seemingly valuable. He only shrugged then stuffed it in his pockets 'If they did not care for it they would not leave it' he made up his own cliched logic. In the end though Shai decided to leave flyers and the like to inform the owner of their missing watch, heading off to class.

    It felt as if he were being stalked when Shai encountered the same man again, asking if he would like to write more. Shai did as requested.. the more he did.. the more his hobby became a job. Well the way he thought, this was to his advantage - he was studying for such things anyway. There you go... Shai is a growing author, his popularity is growing at a steady pace. To keep his job, Shai fixed up his visa so he could stay in this country after he graduated. It took a while but he was finally able to do it, become a citizen... is this the end of the story? no I think not....
    [ To be continued ]


    F I N
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    Noel and Leon Aldric

    ❝It's all in the name....of science!❞ ❝It's all in the name....of science!❞

    ☛ ℳain Info ☚

    - Artificial Age 「18 」
    - Seke

    - Biography

    Introducing our twin collection! Our pair package containing two identical or near identical twins! Here we have the Aldric twins who are the same in every way, save for their hair styles. Noel, whose hair is parted in the middle, is considered to elder twin. Leaving Leon as the younger of the two. We hope you enjoy their company, new owner.

    Introducing our twin collection! These two look completely identical with each pair having only one physical difference.

    - Personality

    ☛ Appearance Details ☚

    - Height :: 5'8" 「 172.7 cm 」
    - Weight :: 148lbs 「 67.13kg 」

    - Hair color(s) :: The twins both have Light Golden Brown hair. Noel's bangs are split down the middle, while Leon's fringes are across his
    - Eye color(s) :: Their eyes are Golden
    - Scar/Tattoo/etc ::
    ☛ Additional info ☚

    - Ethnicity :: a mix of French and German.
    - Zodiac Sign :: Gemini.
    - Likes

    - Dislikes

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    Default Gate City

    ℳaria Ѧnnabelle ℒiddell

    Esper-name: Alice

    Age- 18

    Sex- Female

    Sexuality- Straight

    Level- 5


    Animation - Ability to bring inanimate objects to life or to free an individual from petrifaction. She is mostly uses her or other dolls and the like (mannequins, statues, toys etc). She can one make a petrified human body move once, her power won't work on them again and their nerves must be connected to their limbs (so nothing like paraplegics her power would work). When I mean petrified I mean that the person cannot even move themselves (dead already or unconscious). She is also able to switch her own consciousness with the dolls but that leaves her body unguarded. She simply says the given name of the body once and it moves at her will dolls she names stay in her control even when she doesn't say the name. In return for her power people cannot read her mind or control it.


    Maria is a descendant of the original Alice from the story. She grew up in a wealthy family and never had a real friend ever. She was always surrounded by her toys alone while her parents worked. She would play with them like any other little girl would. One day when she was playing tea party in the rose garden.

    "Would you like some tea, Lily?" she asked her doll who suddenly moved and responded
    "Yes I would thank you"

    This surprised Maria and for a while made her believe that her dolls were alive. It took her a awhile to realize that it was of her own doing some time after her parents died.

    When Maria turned eight years old she got into an argument with both her parents. They were on the stairs and she was upset. So upset that she accidentally pushed them down the stairs. She didn't mean it she hoped that they would be alright. Maria ran down the stairs and checked. They weren't breathing, there wasn't even a pulse or heartbeat they were dead. Maria didn't want to believe this she didn't want to be a murderer she kept tapping them shaking them calling them out they didn't move. Tears flowed from her eyes as she began to pray to god to forgive her and to give her parents back. As she prayed she uttered her parents’ names and then they moved. Maria cried tears of joy as they sat up wondering what had happened.

    The next day after the accident Maria's parents moved around stiffly as rigor mortis kicked in to their dead bodies. Maria told them they were probably stiff from work. Two more days passed and her parents start moving more easily but bugs start crawling in and flying on top of them and biting. They question why there are so many bugs around

    "It is probably because the seasons are changing"

    Maria answers as she begins to get worried. Four days pass and then ten as the bugs kept coming biting her parents’ practical eating them.

    "What is that smell"

    Maria questions as she turns to realize that it was coming from her parents, who cannot smell a thing. Wholes suddenly appear on her parent's faces as she becomes scared.

    They noticed how they cannot eat or sleep and their senses were quickly dulled.
    They questioned what happened to them after they fell

    "You died" she confesses "but God brought you back to life didn't he?"
    Her parents look at each other and said they saw no such thing and then they questioned...
    "who are you again?"
    Maria's eyes widened to their response as she cried once again.

    Time passes and her so called parents decay more and more. She sits in her room alone once again questioning what is happening. She picks up her doll Lily and repeats her question.

    "They are not alive but simply moving" Lily response and moves her lifeless head to look at her.
    "Only moving? How is that possible?" Maria questions then listens to the explanation that was held deep in her heart.
    "How do I make them stop?" She cries out
    "You must accept their death" she is told.

    Maria nods then walks out of her room carrying Lily in her arms and walks down the steps. Her mother and father were sitting in the family room like normally but decaying. She closed her eyes and prayed one last time with the words included

    " in peace..."

    The two looked at her shocked then dropped to the floor. The maid who had been on vacation had finally came back to seen that her parents won't be doing the same.

    The police arrived and asked her questions about her parents’ killer and how she was able to live in the same house with decaying bodies. Maria told the truth but they didn't believe her. As the interrogation went on she repeated the same thing

    "It's all my fault" she became depressed and angry as she hugged Lily tightly.

    She found they weren't going to listen so she decided to lie and give them a truth they would believe. She described the man in full detail from head to toe and when they found him it turned out to be her bully's father. He pleaded and cussed that he done nothing wrong. His alibi didn't check out and he was sentence guilty for murder and would be executed.

    "I killed another..." She murmured to herself in the court room.

    Maria from that day forward lived with the maid and the inheritance in her name. She grew older with the same toys and dolls practicing to control her power from that day forward. She swore to herself that she wouldn't ever cry or care for another human ever again.


    Maria is calm and naturally caring person. She tends to lie to not only other people but also herself. She is very mature for her age. She smiles quite often even though she is not happy. She acts like a bystander never wanting to get involved in others' business and makes sometimes sarcastic comments in the background. So basically she's a smiling deadpanned character. When she is alone she tends to talk to herself when she is alone and is not using her power. The only thing that gets her angry is if someone continuously doesn't forebode her warnings. When in a fight despite her smile she acts cruel and cold hearted though this is a masked lie of her true nature.

    Optional Things bellow this point-

    Anything that is an inanimate object (usually a toy) is holding at the time. Ie. If it was a toy soldier then the knife of his musket. An empty suit of armor then a sword (something like that)



    Lily - Is a porcelain doll (seen in pic) that has improved metal body that is painted. She is the first doll Maria has ever brought to life it became impossible to deactivate her some time after Maria deactivated her parents. She acts as an advisory and informant for Maria finding out peoples names, etc. Her metallic limbs come with blades containing poison and her eyes a video camera that helps Maria see everything without being there.

    Single contact lens - acts as a way for Maria to see what Lily sees.
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