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Thread: OFFICIAL ENDING thread ~ Come share your reactions HERE (*spoilers*)

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    I'm so sad that this manga series is done T-T
    1) I liked the ending, kinda disappointed, I want to know who Negi gets married to, if it's Asuna, -rageface- I wanted him to get together with Nodoka!
    2) I loved this whole series. From lots of harem to a bit less and more fighting, it was great.
    3) I want NODOKA -rageface-
    4) I do want like an after-story kind of thing. Like who Negi ended up with and such.
    5) If it will be good? Sure. But I think its okay like this

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    Feel a bit disappointed for the ending because its like being rushed. Some points missing like Arika/Nekane/Anya/Takamichi/Godel whereabouts, the process how they defeated lifemaker and saving Nagi, nobody becomes Negi's true partner,etc..

    But overall the whole series was an excellent work, thumbsup for Akamatsu-sensei's hard works for the whole 9 years..
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    it suck, if they gonna give us a crappy ending like that then back in 2 chapters ago they should just have him say he treat everyone the same instead of mentioning there is someone special.
    terrible ending feel very rush.

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    3. Negi most likely likes his childhood friend. They probably aren't officially together or married seeing how most of the class still fight for his affection. So could also be anyone else...
    Most likely Negi wasn't in love with Asuna though seeing how in 354 he tells Asuna who he likes and she is like is that so? And then goes well your future is still an open book.
    Meaning she would fight for him to be with her though he doesn't love her the most.
    please click

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    Thanks for ruining such a promising manga in these last 50 chapters...

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    Negima has been a good ride and I thought Ken was going to one set up arc and do one big final arc because it had potential for another 100+ chapter. I believe it is implied that Negi will up with someone at one point of you read Yue's epilogue which says "Though both had their first love shattered, they are both unusually friend." This means that Negi did not pick Yue and Nodoka.

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    Hi erwockz12,

    I created a special thread to see how different people felt about the ending ^^

    Come see the reactions right here and share your own opinion on the matter :*spoilers*%29

    Please avoid creating a new thread on the same topic in the future, thank you.
    I will request for this thread to be merged

    Quote Originally Posted by erwockz12 View Post
    oh, i am really sorry!!!!! i better read first before creating threads!!! my bad!
    No worries my friend =)
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    Quote Originally Posted by wanderer555 View Post
    1) Completely expected it. Negi's "choice" in which girl he would choose was never revealed. Was expecting this 95%. Despite that, still disappointed that an absolute conclusion was not met, but you can't blame ken akamatsu for ending it like this. He probably realised that every potential girl had developed a fanbase, and unless he ended it ambiguously, he'd end up disappointing 3/4ths of the readers.
    I have to agree with this. I guess Natsumi-Kotarou fans are the happiest with the ending lol..
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    To be honest, Mahou Sensei Negima ending hasn't really saddened me much.
    I knew it was coming, and I was expecting a rushed ending.
    It kind of just started to fizzle out when Asuna had to sleep for 100 years etc.

    I once loved this manga immensely, now it is just meh.

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    1) What are your impressions on the ending ? Were you disappointed ? Why ?

    I was not disappointed. After Negi stated he had a plan and ended the fight with Fate(and then they got saved by the multiple awesome people), I seriously considered that the ending, the rest was just extra goodness. ^^

    2) What did you think of the whole series after having read the chapter, globally speaking ?
    It was amazing. Great plot. Great drama. Great fights. Great Rakan. Great romance. Great power system. Great adventure. Great action. Great from beginning to end.

    3) Who do you think ended up with Negi ?
    Sasaki Makie. It was hinted in multiple panels. And many girls were ruled out during the next to last and last chapter.
    5) Should the series have a sequel ?
    I guess? It wouldn't be as good really. :/ A series based on all the in between would make a good supplement but I'd rather Akamatsu move on to his next work.

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