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Thread: Naruto Modern Generations RP

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    Team Izuna:

    "Do you think anyone will miss those kiri-nin we turned to dust?"

    "I don't think so... but I think they'll at least miss their bodies.... anyways, we're finally out of the forrest."

    "Yeah. Now we have to wait for the examiner to announce the 3rd round."

    "What do you think the next round will be?"

    "I hope we get to fight again."

    "I don't think we'll get another writing exam so you could be right. It dosn't matter if we are a team, there is no guaranty that all of us will get promoted to chuunin. This means they'll probably let us fight 1on1 and not in teams..."

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    The Chunin Exam Grounds
    "Sasuke, I sense Team Izuna here." Dazero stated to his Sensei. "Well I'll fetch them we only got 2 more teams to go before I start the match"
    Just then Sasuke teleported in a flash! "Sasuke!! where the hell you think your going GRRR!! such a show off!" Suigetsu was angry because of what Sasuke did.

    "Hey guys!!, your a bit late we haven't announced the starting line yet so hurry up!" Sasuke met Team Izuna
    Mean While...............
    Hajime is resting , Saiya is resting and Hashi is observing other NInja to see who is a worthy opponent
    @Kaiser Nazrin

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    Kamakiri Aburame

    There was no doubt about it. That light was from Excalibur.
    The arm of King Arthur. The legend that does not exist in this world. A physical mystery of the highest order. Even the legendary weapons of the Sage of Six Paths could not compare to its blinding majesty, to its knee rending regality, to its perfect overwhelming might.

    IT was SO WEAK.

    Kamakiri Aburame took her shift. She had slept far more than enough during Banmiru's lookout. Asuka would be last, as he had, after all, lost the game.

    Her insects would be scouts more than enough.

    And so, Kamakiri worked through the night. With her bare hands, she dug and dug into the ground. Unconventional tactics. That worked the best against this generation of idealistic idiots that wield overwhelming power without thinking. They would fall against the primitive pit fall, and against it they will be humiliated.

    And she knew that, because she planned all this crap in advance.

    Luring the enemy closer, insect transformation technique, pretending to be hunters of the night, scaring the enemy, baiting them, draw them closer. Let them feel safe. Let them feel like they can rest. Show them enough lies that they start to have unwavering faith in their senses, then they will fall.

    She waited two hours!! Taking her mind off Excalibur! No! It was too far away for Kamakiri to be able to get there, rip the almighty blade out of the dying hands of whichever idiot decided to use such a consuming edge that revealed to all their very locations. She would be too late by the time she got there, but most importantly, she did not even know the hypothetical strength of whoever is or would wield that kind of weapon. None. Nil. Nada. Nothing.

    It was fine. Because she would console herself with other jobs. Like getting the scrolls.

    Haha. The prey had come.

    They were tired. Looking for a place to rest. And that was why they were led to the rock side camp out. The fire was gone. The traces of people staying in this place were gone. They proceeded elated, and the trap was sprung.

    And the ground underneath disappeared. Their satisfaction and peace turned into despair.

    They have been conned, they thought.

    They did not even have the time to make hand seals, even if they had been able to keep their cool long enough to make them, because Kamakiri took off her weights and was faster. Much, much faster.

    Tree top hop over the pit. Vulcan Bullet three times. Bang Bang Bang.

    The three Genin were shocked, mostly because of the pain. A bullet injuring the hands making hand seals does that to people.

    Immediately after, while still over the hole, Shunshin in between the three Genin. Hook the two closest with the ankle of each foot, grabbing the last one with her open palm. Twist her body. Use the momentum to send them crashing into the wall. With her strength, instant knockout was inevitable, considering she was still using the momentum she gained from the Shunshin.

    Overlooking the bloody, but still very well and alive bodies, Kamakiri strolled straight to the one her Kikkai showed had the scroll. She held it in her hand, using the moonlight to read the word. It was what they required. Good.

    They were done. Now all they needed to do is survive, which would be easy with her Kikkai.

    She was done. Her job was done. She tied up the Genin, which she noted were from Konoha from their head bands, and left Kikkai on them to feast on their Chakra, leaving only enough for survival, much less enough to use even a substitution. Not that they would be able to. The ropes were tied specifically so that ninja could not make hand seals... Although, it was only meant to hold Genin, Chunin or Chakra deficient ninja, which were exactly what those Genin were.

    Her shift was done. She dragged her victims to the outside of the camp, checking again if they were knocked out. Once she was satisfied, she went in and poked Asuka awake.

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    "Mmmm, so noisy I could barely sleep, what were you doing out there?" Asuka rubbed his sleepy eyes and glanced at the scroll in Kamikiri's hand.
    "Heh..........." He quietly got up and went to outside to patrol. The fact that she went and got the scroll all on her own irritated him a bit.
    "So dark." He was feeling bored keeping watch so he decided to do something else, he made a waterclone.
    "Ok you sit here and keep watch and I'll go hunt some snow rabbits."
    "No way I'm not doing that boring crap, you keep watch and I'll go."
    "Hey, you are a clone just obey me!"
    "Make me!"
    "Ok, how about rock paper scissors?"
    "Ok, go!"

    It was a tie....................

    The two kunoichi awoke to the smell of roasting rabbits. When they crawled out of their camp they saw a very bruised looking Asuka waiting with breakfast.
    Banmiru's looked at him in a way that say "what happened to you?"
    "Ah, I had a disagreement with my self...... Well breakfast is ready anyway! Hurry and eat so we can make it to the tower, it's not far from here." After their meal they continued walking until they were finally reunited with the other genin.

    Renma was in the middle of a battle with a strange ninja from Konoha's Inuzuka clan and his canine partner. He started to get serious.
    "Quick Sand!" The ground beneath them started to sink in and caught the legs of one of his identical opponents, the other jumped in time to escape into the trees above.

    "This sand is special, you may notice it is not like regular sand, it's black."
    The trapped one suddenly changed, it was the wolf. "Ah, so that means............."
    "Tearing Fang!" the real genin came charging behind Renma out of the snowy canopy.
    "Black sand barrage!" He blocked it just in time. "Sand coffin!" he trapped him in a sand coffin, but did not crush him yet.
    "The really special thing about black sand is this ability, you may notice yourself feeling weaker, thats because this sand drains chakra." Once the boy and the wolf mutt passed out he released them and took their scroll, it was earth.
    "Lucky!! thanks dog boy!" finally having the scroll he needed he continued on his way towards the tower.
    "Hey where do you think you are going?"
    "Huh?, who said that?" Renma heard a strange voice but couldn't see or sense anyone around. Everything was quiet around him.
    "Was it my imagination...."
    "Go back, the job still isn't complete yet, kill them!" He finally realized it. This voice was coming from within, it was Shukaku.
    "N-no way, I already got the scroll, besides we are almost to the tower." Hearing the biju talk made him somewhat nervous.
    "Blood! we need blood! we have to have it, it will make you stronger!"
    "Shut up! I said no already, stupid raccoon!" He was feeling strange. Renma remembered the stories his grandfather the kazekage told him about shukaku from when he was its jinchuuriki, he decided to try and block out the voice all together as he ran to his destination.
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    Kamakiri Aburame

    " Help me take care of those Konoha Nin while you are at it. " Kamakiri ordered tiredly.

    It was tiring to expend so much other Kikkai on things like tracking her friends, especially when she had just used so much strength to dig a freaking pit fall. Lying on the solid rock, Kamakiri easily drifted to her short sleep.


    When Banmiru woke up, Kamakiri explained what happened the night before.

    It did not really take a lot to explain, as there was a gigantic hole where earth was the night before.

    That, and Banmiru was smart. They left their resting nest without speaking as Banmiru was a quiet person.

    She looked at Asuka.

    " What the hell happened to you, bro? " Kamakiri asked what Banmiru managed to convey by staring intently into Asuka's eyes.

    Meh. She was too active for such pointless subtlety.

    Kamakiri Aburame raised an eyebrow at his response.

    " You can make shadow clones? " Kamakiri inquired. As far as she knew, normal elemental clones did not have the capacity for independent action. Asuka must have really big Chakra Stores to be able to use Shadow Clones at all. That was... Interesting. She did not know this before.

    " Well, thanks for the food, then. " Kamakiri said, sitting down and picking up a stake of rabbit to quickly consume. After that, she released the Konoha Ninja. On the way to the tower, Kamakiri was thinking, and thinking hard.

    Excalibur. She really wanted to get it. What was such a freakishly mighty weapon doing in the Chunin Exams, anyway? It was all sorts of wrong. Either the person using it was a proctor or some idiot decided to entrust the weapon to an aspiring Chunin. Not even an actual Chunin. An aspiring one.

    Sigh. So this was what her grandmother meant when she told the girl that the world has gone mad.

    Her scouting insects returned with interesting information. This was kind of harsh. They met 3 teams in the span of two days. Granted, one of them she ended by herself, but she calculated that particular fight so it said nothing of her actual capabilities. For some reason, they had been encountering weak Ninja... But this new team was different.

    " Amegakure Ninja. 3 o'clock. 3450 meters away. We have... 7 minutes. Do you guys want to engage? "

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    The scene show Team 13 and Reika inside a sphere which is invisible to people from outside the sphere. The sphere is pretty huge and there a some kind of light ball hovering in the air inside the cave. The light ball provide light source inside the sphere. The temperature inside the sphere is warm somehow.Takasugi is unconscious and lying on the floor, Nobume is sitting next to him watching over him, Akise wound is being treated by Reika. Reika seems to be a good medic.

    "That should do it." Reika said as she finished applying some bandage on Akise's wound.

    "Thanks, We really owe you..." Akise thanks Reika for helping his team.

    "Don't mention it, Takasugi's friends are my friends too." Reika said and smiled. She turn her attention to Nobume. "How are you feeling?" she asked Nobume.

    "I feel much better now. I don't know how you did it but it works. My fever seems to have gone completely." Nobume answered. It seems Reika has done something to her that get rid off the fever from Nobume

    "Good, now all that is left is Takasugi-kun." Reika said and head to Takasugi. She touch Takasugi's forehead with her right hand. She closes her eyes trying to focus on something.

    Akise watches Reika and wonder what she is doing but he let Reika do as she pleases since she seems to know what she is doing. He turn his head and saw Takasugi's sword. It have somehow enwrapped it self with the bandages again. He has try removing the bandage but its impossible, the bandage enwrapped the sword so tightly as if it was a seal. He wonder how and why the bandage remove itself back then.

    "WUAHH!" Takasugi exclaim when he suddenly regain consciousness!

    "Takasugi!" Akise and Nobume yell simultaneously when they saw Takasugi regain his consciousness. Nobume quickly hug Takasugi.

    "Oi Oi, hold it. You're crushing me!" Takasugi said when Nobume hugged him tightly.

    "I-I'm sorry, I just happy that you are okay." Nobume said to him while slowly let him go.

    "Not just Nobume, Me too. We are really worried about you." Akise said to him while slowly leaned his back to the wall.

    Takasugi glanced at his teammates and smiled. He felt really happy that they are people who cares about him. Before, he just a lonely and unwanted child but now he has teachers and friends. He survive because he is not alone. His friends survive because he was there. He finally know what its feel to be needed.

    "Thanks, Nobume,Akise." He said to his comrades.

    Akise and Nobume smiled at him.

    "No thanks for me?" Reika suddenly spoke.

    "Reika?! You're here?" Takasugi was surprised he didn't notice Reika's presence.

    "Yes, I am here. Its really rude to ignore the person who saved your life, Takasugi-kun." Reika said and glared at Takasugi while folding her arms.

    "I'm sorry. I didn't mean to ignore you. I just didn't notice." Takasugi apologized to Reika." Thanks, Reika. I really owe you and I promise I will pay you back." he said.

    "Fine, I forgive you. Its only natural to help your friend, Takasugi-kun." Reika said and take something out of her pouch. It is the scroll of Earth and the scroll of Heaven! "Take it." Reika giving Takasugi the scrolls.

    "What? Why? Its yours." Takasugi response to her sudden action.

    "It's okay, my team already has the scroll of heaven and the scroll of earth. These two are extra." Reika said and smiled.

    "Extras? How come you have that many extras?" Takasugi wonder

    "Its not important how I got them." Reiks said

    Takasugi look at the scrolls and back at Reika. "Take it, Takasugi-kun. You need to pass the exam right? Its really late now. The team you just defeated got destroyed completely along with their scrolls. I don't think you will manage to find another team at this time." Reika said to persuade Takasugi.

    Takasugi looked at his teammates.

    "I guess, if its extras then there is no harm in taking it." Akise said to Takasugi.

    "But Reika-san already did so much for us." Nobume voice her opinion.

    "It's okay. I don't mind helping you all. Today I help you guys but tomorrow maybe you guys will help me." Reika said to Team 13.

    Takasugi sighed. "If you said so then I guess I'll take it." Takasugi said as he reach for the scrolls on Reika's hands. He accidentally touches Reika's hands while taking the scroll. "Huh? Your hands..." Takasugi said when he realized that Reika's hands are really cold.

    "Ah!" Reika exclaimed when she realize Takasugi's touched her hand. She remembered how she is forbidden from making physical contact with human. It would threaten the completion of her mission if her identity as vampire were to be exposed! She has been given the permission to eliminate anyone that know her true identity. She pulled her hands away from Takasugi quickly.

    "Your hands are really cold,Reika." Takasugi said to her.

    Reika didn't say anything. She is troubled by the thought if Takasugi suspected her identity. If her identity were to be exposed to Takasugi then she would have no choice but to kill Takasugi!

    "Duh, its snowy out there. The temperature is really low. Of course her hands are cold." Akise said suddenly.

    "Huh? Oh right. Silly me." Takasugi said and facepalmed himself.

    Reika is relief that Takasugi didn't suspect anything. She or Takasugi is lucky that the current situation help covering the fact of Reika's abnormal body temperature. "That's right. My hands are cold because of the low temperature. I should have brought some gloves with me." she said to support Akise's statement.

    "By the way, Where are we?" Takasugi asked to change the subject.

    "We are not really far from our previous location. We are inside my Space-time dome." Reika answered Takasugi question.

    "Space-time dome?" Takasugi wonder.

    "Its one of my special technique. I basically create a special space for us. Inside this space, I can control everything. The fact that we are invisible from the outside is also because of me." Reika explains her technique.

    "Wow, that's pretty awesome. Such an advance technique and yet you can use it even though you're just a Genin." Akise commented on Reika's ability.

    "You're really amazing, Reika-san. I wish I can be as powerful as you." Nobume said in amazement.

    "Thanks. I'm sure you can be as or probably even more powerful than me. I saw it, you managed to use such technique in your sick condition. You're not bad at all, Nobume-san." Reika said to Nobume.

    "Tomorrow would be the last day for the second stage, you guys should take a good rest today. It's gonna be even harder from now on." Reika said when suddenly a few beds appeared out of thin in air. It seems she summoned those beds from somewhere. "I will be staying with you guys for now. I hope you guys don't mind." she said as she head to one of the bed and land her body on it.

    "We don't mind at all but is it okay for you to stay here? What about your team? Won't they be worried about you?" Akise asked Reika.

    "It will be fine. They should've already arrived at the tower by now. They know full well what I am capable of so they won't be worried about me." Reika said as she closes her eyes trying to get some rest even vampire need to rest their body.

    Team 13 look at each other and nodded as sign that they agree to let Reika stay with them. Reika has been a huge help for them, it won't hurt to let her stay with them.
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    "Not shadow clones, it was actually a water clone. A special kind. Usually when you make a clone it takes only a small fraction of your chakra, they are cool for a diversion but kinda suck for actual battle, way too fragile. With my clone I split the chakra up to almost half, the clones are much more durable and they can travel greater distances. That particular clone was a jerk though! He refused to listen to me."
    Asuka developed this method of waterclones sometime after he graduated from the academy. Hating and being hated by his peers he never had someone to spar with, this was his solution. Its a somewhat impractical method of using clones since it takes so much chakra, truly it would have been easier to just learn shadwow clones. But for Asuka this was his preferred method, he used this impractical method for the same reason he neglected training in fire style, because it was a mist technique. Using mist techniques gave him a sense of belonging to his village, it gave him some strange comfort. It was something he would have to get over in order to ever become a great ninja.

    Shortly after their meal, a new threat was approaching.
    "Do you want to engage?"
    "Hell yeah! Fighting is the perfect morning exercise, and besides......Kekekeke"
    Asuka pulled his sword as he laughed. He had not used his weapon once in the days that they spent in this forest and it was getting thirsty. If he didn't feed it soon it would start to drain his chakra viciously.
    The Ame ninja were upon them, it was time to start the show.

    "Ahhhaaaaahhhhh! finally!" After another days journey through the icy jungle, Renma has reached his destination. He looked at the other genin around him, they all looked pretty worn out, and-
    "You!" To his surprise there was a familiar face.
    "Yo, fancy seeing you here."
    It was Kenji, the Inuzuka he left unconscious in the forest a day before.
    "Hey this is the guy I told you about!" Kenji shouted for his team to come over, although he had been defeated and robbed he didn't seem to have any hatred towards Renma, he seemed pretty happy actually.
    "Ah so this is the dude who knocked you out and stole our scroll eh?!"Kenji's team mate, a kunoichi with green eyes and blonde hair, a real beauty.
    "Sigh, because of you we had alot of trouble you know, we were lucky to find some straggling teams to take scrolls from." His second teammate, a serious looking guy with straight black hair, he was crutches and had a bandaged leg.
    "Well, that all in the past now, but you better watch out sand dude, now that I know about your ability I won't be so easy!"
    "Hehe, is that so? Its Renma by the way. And dont be so sure of your self, the black sand has many secrets- and so do I."
    Renma smiled, he was happy to have some real people to talk to after spending five days in ice land with only creepy puppets to keep him company.

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    " ... Really... That means it is a separate Jutsu? Water Clones conceptually only has 10% of a person's physical capabilities, and no amount of chakra put into the Jutsu will change that... Unless you changed the method the Jutsu was formed... That is just how the Jutsu was made... You actually made your own Jutsu, and you still call it the Water Clone anyway? Interesting... "

    Hey, Kamakiri studies. It was important to learn the mechanics of Jutsu so that she could effectively counter them, or make hypothesis. Whatever.

    " But i digress. Seriously, you should just go ahead and learn the Shadow Clone. Your method is really really inefficient. There's a reason no one else does it that way, you know? "

    *After Meal*

    " Well, i sure don't. Go on ahead. I'll start fighting if you start to have problems. "

    She had not been conserving as much Chakra as she should have over the past day. In between her Kikkai, that grenade air bullet, digging a freaking pitfall and all those Jutsu she used... She was getting drained, even after the night of rest.

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    "More chakra more power. ......Hmm, a different jutsu? Well I think of it as the same, just a personal variation I guess." Asuka takes a bite out of his roasted rabbit.
    "No body else does it that way because they are lame, only a true genius like me could see the benefit of this method." He didn't really care about learning any other jutsu's at this time. What he really needed to learn was better self control, the fact that he can't even get along with his own clone says alot about a person.
    Three Ame genin bursted through the frozen canopy, you could tell automatically they were not like the others they had fought so far. These kids were bigger, older than most taking the exams, they were quiet quick and serious. There eyes had no hesitation or amusement, it was obvious they were experienced in battle.

    "Haa!" His sword was met immediately with three steel kunai, they aimed for his heart throat and skull. Blocking with reaper was Asuka's specialty, blocking didn't require him to sync, it didn't aggitate reapers lust either, it was the safest way to train with it. He could block effectively with any part of it, from the tip of the blade to the hilt. Immediately they jumped away and circled for a second attack.

    "Kekeke, not amateurs at all it seems..." Asuka had a wide grin on his face. The place began to fill with mist.
    "Mist technique, feels just like fighting at home..."

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    Kamakiri Aburame

    " Usually, yes. But standard Jutsu usually do not operate like that, since they operate around a standardized concept. You don't see the Transformation Jutsu become more life like when you put more chakra in, do you? " Kamakiri added, eating berries that had somehow appeared in her hand (her Kikkai did it). " ... You do know that variants count as a separate Jutsu, right? Why do you think all of Sasuke-sama's Chidori variants all have their own rank? "

    A moment of feasting silence later, Kamakiri added.

    " Your clone disagreed with you. A clone is a construct made out of chakra. It should not even be able to operate outside the orders you give it. Shadow Clones are supposed to be one of the few clone variants capable of independent action. " She commented in a very questioning tone. Obviously she wanted an explanation of just how Asuka's clone was made, although she might not get it.


    Seemingly undisturbed by the sudden increase in difficulty, Kamakiri muttered: " Scream if you need me. " before she nonchalantly walked behind a tree, sat there, and sent a bug clone up the trees to pretend to rest on one of the branches.

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