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    Default trouble theories

    does anyone have a theory about these troubles that season 1.5 has been focusing on? i've been pretty intrigued by them since the first season, but i'm REALLY intrigued now we're getting in the nitty gritty, there's a lot of loose puzzles that are floating around.
    if you've read the raws (spoiler warning! maybe), in chapter 7 shihyun's ability was taken advantage of by his parents and he suffered some pretty traumatic stuff, and as he's thinking about his past, it shows him curled up on his bed oppositely reflecting how the trouble was lying down too.
    maybe troubles were normal human beings, like traces used to be. i dunno, that's my theory. i think (judging by how the author is kind of implying some similarities between shihyun and the trouble) troubles were maybe human beings who suffered....maybe? i dunno how to put it lol.

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    Ive been thinking that troubles were like angles. with the god virus the gods needle and the way there wings are shaped.

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    where the chapters ?

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    I was thinking that they might not be connected to humans at all. Like maybe they are dimensional pilgrims from another world and when they get here they either get inside a human and make a trace or they bust out and because they are confused by where they are they run rampant. I just spewed a load of loony. @.@


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