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Thread: Strongest Warriors in TRoT

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    Default Strongest Warriors in TRoT

    This is just for fun. So, feel free to comment about editing the order.
    The order is mostly based on 1-on-1 duels between generals in the series and in some part referring to "Romance of Three Kingdoms" and this is most certainly not objective

    1. L Bu
    2. Zhang Fei, Ma Chao
    3. Guan Yu, Pang De, Ji Ling(?)
    4. Sun Ce, Taishi Ci, Huang Zhong, Gan Ning
    5. Dian Wei, Xu Chu, Xu Huang, Zhou Tai
    6. Liaoyuan Huo (Zhao Yun), Zhang Liao, Ling Cao
    7. Wen Chou

    Warriors whom are difficult to place on the list:
    Xiahou Dun and Yuan, other generals of Cao Cao, other generals of Yuan Shao, other Handicapped Warriors, other generals of the Sun Clan, Ji Ling, Hua Xiong, other generals of L Bu.

    * L Bu is L Bu.
    * Zhang Fei has never proven himself to be better than L Bu and seems to only tie against L Bu when the latter was injured or fleeing (excluding the first encounter).
    * Ma Chao is there because he ties against Zhang Fei in RoTK and because of Pang De's comment in Chapter 357.
    * Originally, I had Guan Yu up there with L Bu and Zhang Fei, but Zhang Fei comparing Guan Yu to Pang De in Chapter 357 made him go down the rankings and make Pang De be one of the elites. Yes, Zhang Fei had a tie with Pang De in the chapter but Zhang Fei had an inferior weapon (a very thin short blade). [Also, Guan Yu had a tie match against Ji Ling while Zhang Fei beat him easily]
    * I consider Dian Wei and Xu Chu to be equal because they think so too. Xu Chu tied against Xu Huang (Chapter 156). Xu Chu tied against Zhou Tai (Chapter 306).
    * Sun Ce beat(?) Xu Huang (Chapter 305). Sun Ce is equal to Taishi Ci (Chapter 168-9?). Taishi Ci had a tie match against Huang Zhong and Sun Ce had somewhat of a tie match against Gan Ning (Chapter 286).
    * Liaoyuan Huo ties against Zhang Liao all the time (but both characters are relatively dynamic so they will get stronger and stronger as time goes on). Huo lost against Dian Wei and Xu Chu, separately
    * Zhang Liao beat Wen Chou.

    This will be edited in the near future
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    Lu Bu and Zhang Fei are the top two.

    Xu Chu ties with Ma Chao in the book, and his mere presence is enough to scare Ma Chao off earlier. They are equal. Xu Chu is also the number one Wei duelist(superior to Dian in the Novel). Ma Chao is superior to Pang De and hence Guan Yu as well.

    Wen Chou retreated against Guan's soldiers, and was cut down due to Red Hare's speed(cut in the back). Can't be used for a duel win comparison. His one good showing was tying with Zhao Yun.

    Yan Liang was killed because of the speed of Red Hare as well, as he wanted to ask the name of Guan Yu(who killed him in a rush). His only impressive win in the book is Xu Huang, anyway.

    Zhang He should be high up there- loses to Ma Chao, but beats Zhao Yun(only person in the book to do this, surprisingly) and equals Zhang Liao... early in his career, then is active longer than Liao.

    Will add more later, but stew on these until then.

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    Historically, Dian Wei was the strongest. Going by the novel Lu Bu is first and then Zhang Fei. Ma Chao isn't near there league actually as Zhang Fei was rather old when he fought Ma Chao too a draw.

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    I personally think that Sun Ce should at least higher up because at several parts in the manga it is said that sun ces prowress reminds some charcter whomever at the time of Lu Bu as well as his defeat of zhang liao who he spared and ithink that Ling cao is on par with wen chou perhaps not maybe based on one on one duels but he takes on hordes of enimies as well is strong enough to pose as " Sun Ce" for a while

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    I think guan yu is the strongest, every time he fights he pretty much owns. He is just so cool when he fights, hope he comes out more

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    1.Lu Bu:"Flying General" Among men Lu Bu ,Among horses Red Hare.He is considered the single most powerful warrior in all of China during three kingdom's period.No argument.
    Ma Chao:"The Splendid" A second Lu Bu.God of War.
    Zhang Fei:"I'm Zhang Yide. Come and fight me to the death!" No one dared to approach him and Zhang Fei successfully bought time for Liu Bei and his men to escape safely during Liu Bei's flee.
    Dian Wei:"Evil Comes" Single handedly defended Cao Cao during battle of Wan Chen.
    Xu Chu:"Mad Tiger" Champion warrior of Cao Cao after Dian Wei's death.
    Zhao Yun: Single-handedly slaying numerous enemy generals ,saved Liu Shan during flee of Liu Bei.
    Guan Yu ,Sun Ce ,Taishi Ce ,Zhang Liao ,Zhang He ,Xiahou Dun ,Xiahou Yuan ,Gan Ning ,Pang De ,Huan Zhong and many others.
    In this level many officers like Cheng Pu ,Huang Gai ,Yu Jin ,Zhou Tai ,Yan Yan ..etc etc

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    The thread says "Strongest Warriors in TRoT", and I only read ppl talking about the real story and the novel...

    Yeah, very clever.

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    If you are asking in the romance of three kingdoms (which is the name of the novel)
    The strongest one is Lu bu especially with his horse. The best warrior on the best horse.

    The rest I'm not quite sure. Guan yu is the strongest in that three brothers

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    In the novel the strongest (roughly in order) are; Lu Bu, Guan Yu, Zhang Liao, Anyone from Shu, Everyone else.

    This is opposite to historical knowledge of the era though. Lu Bu was beaten twice by Sun Jian and his military success was good for the era but not unbeaten (EDIT: I'll add the two only fought twice), and most of Guan Yu's achievements in RotTK were taken from others, namely Liu Bei and Sun Jian. Historically, ignoring that the Three Kingdoms Period is rather long the best warriors of the era in no real order were probably Sun Jian, Sun Ce, Zhang Liao, Zhang He, Zhang Fei, Liu Bei (people tend to get surprised with that one), and Zhao Yun.
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    I made the list based on the story so far (ch. 395)

    1. Lu Bu
    2. Guan Yu
    3. Zhang Fei
    4. Sun Ce, Zhao Yun, Zhang Liao
    5. The rest of the officers (except Ma Chao and Pang De)

    The way the story goes in TRoT, it's pretty clear that Guan Yu and Zhang Fei were on level of their own, aside from fighting Lu Bu, they never had a fight (or duel) where they have difficulty with.

    I put Lu Bu on the top because it's clear that he were stronger than Zhang Fei. As for Guan Yu, I think he was portrayed to have at least the same level of strength as Lu Bu, that when they have a duel (ch. 219) Guan Yu manage to match Lu Bu from the start until the end (and even overpower him at the end), but as Lu Bu said, unlike Guan Yu, he doesn't fight with as much conviction as Guan Yu does (who's ready to die to bring Lu Bu down with him), that's why i put Guan Yu on second spot.

    Sun Ce is a bit hard to place. He's definitely on the fourth spot, but i also put Zhao Yun and Zhang Liao on the same spot. I believe that Sun Ce were supposed to be stronger than Ling Cao (Fake Sun Ce) and Ling Cao were probably at the same level with Zhao Yun, but that was then, at this part of the story (ch. 395) Zhao Yun is probably already at Sun Ce level, so does Zhang Liao who always seem to match Zhao Yun strength.

    Ma Chao, he is definitely strong, but the lack of proper duel with other main character make him hard to place, same with Pang De.

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