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Thread: H e a v e n 's H o s t s ☆ [ Y a o i ]

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    Default H e a v e n 's H o s t s ☆ [ Y a o i ]

    love.. love.. love..
    these hosts only know love

    Character Compilations Thread
    Out Of Character Thread

    H e a v e n
    There's a place right next to a bar sounds kind of shady called Heaven.
    It's not really Heaven, but you will see angels. These angels they're actually gorgeous guys are the hosts of the Heaven Host Club.
    Women occasionally like to go to Heaven, to be able to relish in their beauty, but these male hosts have utterly no interest in them.
    For you see, well, they all prefer guys.

    It might be because they don't have a choice, but either way, they have no thoughts of it being unfair.
    These hosts are programmed to like males. They're androids living as humans.
    But these androids run on batteries. And batteries are meant to go out one day, right?

    N o w , T h e R u l e s F o r T h e R P e r s
    1. Listen to what I say.
    2. Do not God-Mod.
    3. Please keep it PG-15 (I know it might be hard, but please try! No sex scenes.)
    4. Each post has to be at least 2 lines. One line is too short.
    5. I won't limit characters, but make sure you don't make too much that you can't handle.
    6. Please try to post within a 2 week timeline. Unless you have plans - notify me beforehand.
    7. Romantic relationships are allowed - but remember, this is a YAOI roleplay.
    8. When/If your character swears, please use ***.
    9. Make sure to check the OCC occasionally.
    10. Have fun with the RP!

    ╔ . . . t h e s e n i g h t t i m e a n g e l s . . . ➸
    ➸ . . . h o s t s of h e a v e n . . . ╝

    This RP is still under construction. Do not post.
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