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Thread: What do you think about the ending?

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    Default What do you think about the ending?

    So, just like we all knew, Tenjou Tenge series has ended*probably a long time ago* But I just read it -.-

    What do you think of the ending?


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    Look to your your other left....darn you missed it. Okay let's try this again....


    the ending was just too much for my mind to comprehend, i feel like the story was not coompletely concluded, first the love triangle issue the least OG should have done was show who ended up with who (well we can tell who ends up with who, ayaxnagi, madokaxmasataka, isuzuxmitsuomi)

    and the whole maya dying thing....i guess you can call it a sacrifice for love.

    Personally at first i was like this is sheet! then after a few minutes when my mind had absorbed it, i figured there woldn't have been a better ending.

    But i have a question? what the hell happened to the karate chick and the water gun guy?!

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    Default the water guy and the kickboxer chick

    it says somewhere in there that they were hurt badly and hospitalized, madoka saved them with the reiki. I wish they had come back up, but OG kinda left out a lot of good details like that. . . oh well.

    I think I agree with you on the love triangle. OG just didnt define it very well. All we have are really hints, but if thats good enough for the individual then its all good I guess.

    The ending was intense and im gonna miss the characters, but It ended up well. The sad remnicent times of Shin dissappeared finally along with aya. Bunscichi (i misspelled that) looked as if his life had finally become rose "colored". The takayanagi brothers were getting along, and the elder would now live, the war was over. nagi would no longer need to protect his mother, but she had a powerful and happy ending (between the illusion and finally making peace with her husband).

    a lot of things went really well. Of course like i said I personally would have liked to see the relationships be a little more defined, but hey they are there and good enough. So all I all I thought the ending was good.

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    i finished TT long time ago, but today found that strange chapter 136.005. Wth are this chapter?? Alive Maya? Ghosts??

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    first this needs a tragedy tag!
    this is just such an unhappy ending... nobody gets the girl (dont give a shit about bobXwhatshername). Nagi (punk bitch imo) gets maya killed and steals aya from masataka (who should of been MC imo) but doesnt love her...
    the only way the ending could of saved this trainwreck of a story, is if nagi had died in the end saving maya instead of vise versa.
    from masataka's point of view: he lost is arm and someone dear to him (maya) so that he could watch the woman he loves fawn over the asshole that his and mayas sacrifice saved...
    giving this 3/10 because the art is good.

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    Hmm, this book was a super disappointment for me. It is the result of an author paying too much attention to his surroundings and not enough to his own narrative. I mean he seemed to throw in every train of thought he had and turned it into a plot thread. School battle, tournament, flash back, MEGA medieval flashback, tournament, kidnapping, supernatural wtf moments... I gave up trying to follow the main plot by about volume 7 and began to dread what was going to happen in the end. OG really gets into his own subject passions which shine through in their moments, but he really needs to let that stuff out in other projects instead of jamming them into one big story (he was even going to develop the MasaxAya triangle to drag on the series for another year! Thank you for stopping him editor). Personally I was really looking forward to how the tournament was going to go and then bam... it goes off on a tangent to the point where I thought the tournament plot was scrapped... before finally coming back to the tournament. Stupid.
    There were some really great characters like Bob, Shizuru (what the hell happened to her?) and even Nagi himself. Unfortunately the plot bounces around too much so any momentum they get is lost or worse wasted on plot thread developments on rather disappointing characters like Maya who is frustratingly indecisive until the end when she just gets herself killed after becoming little more than an excuse for fan service and Mitsuomi who for my mind is a waste of plot space a bad dresser and really served little or no purpose other than as a hurdle for Masataka to overcome (did anybody sympathize with this guy?). Nagi's dad had one of the coolest introductions into the story before he turned out to be a century old eye ball... lame. This leads to another problem > a lack of a true protagonist (Maya? Aya? Nagi? Masataka?). It's hard to identify with a character when too many characters take the lead and pull the reader in too many directions.

    This is a bit of a rant mainly because this series started off really good and stumbled over itself too many times preventing itself from being a great series. Overall a real let down.

    One thing that can't be denied is the artwork->Damn awesome.
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    Haven't got a clue...


    Maya's death= absolute buzzkill!
    Really ruined the ending for me as she was my fav character. Was going for the NagixMaya route but would rather Nagi died instead of her.
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    .well, it's nice..

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    i dont like the ending.
    Thats maya died is realy sad. And i dont understand the story of this manga. Is so wierd.
    The last fight Masataka vs Nagi was too short but i am glad thats masataka wins the battle. It would be better when Nagi has died. Than the family are together.

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    I kinda saw that coming u know... Maya's power was able to abosorb other abilities, and Souchirou being the 2nd main male character (besides Masataka, who is 1st and also the narrator of the story...) had to survive so Aya would end up like her: lonely and sad after losing Shin (btw: so eff'n sick...)

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