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Thread: I'm soo confusedd D;!!

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    Smile I'm soo confusedd D;!!

    Ok, before volume one (Sa Ghang Gwon) ended and he was gonna go to that private school for Traces, why has it changed to the 30 year-old dude in volume two? Would it first tell his story of how he became a Trace and then he's gonna go to the school as well then meet Sa Ghang Gwon?
    After volume two is it gonna be another person? Coz I think it'd be pointless if it kept going on like that
    Explain? xD Briefly not too much that it'll bring out spoilers :/ Thx

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    just continue reading,you will understand later....but to tell the truth the story will be more focused on the second guy...i think that in the season 2 there will be more about gwon

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    It's the second intro to another character, the bigger, more main character of the first season of Trace. It's like, a style of story telling. He's introducing the characters individually to allow more depth and quality added into it, instead of mashing them all in at once. He's bringing each character in and HOW they get connected to each other through what happens.

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    Glad to hear that they'll somehow be connected, or else I am going to drop this.. XD

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    Kinda of late to this thread, but thanks for the info.

    I just got to the second volume and was like "What happened to the MC from the first arc?"

    And as with the post above mine, I was going to drop it if it kept jumping around, so thanks once more.


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