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Thread: Latest chapter discussion

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    Quote Originally Posted by nadyn View Post
    THIS IS SHIT! I was ****ing excited and enjoyed this manga since the first chapter came out and looked forward to see my otp Shuuko and Tanaka get together in the end! and what the **** did the mangaka decide? to make shuuko end up with the "second guy" whom she didn't give a damn about, i don't care if kominato is nice! SHE DIDN'T LIKE HIM ONE BIT! THAT WAS A FORCED END!! IM REALLY ANGRY BECAUSE I'VE BEEN READING THIS MANGA FOR 3 DAMN YEARS AND ENDED UP DISAPPOINTED FOR SUCH A .... I CAN'T EVEN!!! If this had happened earlier I swear I would have dropped this years ago!! so **** THIS! tsss what a waste of time and what a false hope, why the hell did the mangaka made tanaka say I will not be going easy on you to kominato if she planned to make them together from the start!! WHAT A ****ING FALSE HOPE SHE GAVE US. WOW I really hate sakisaka now!!

    Guess its about time now to move on and forget about this shitty ass manga, there's still better manga to read than this waste of time.
    Quote Originally Posted by Camiru Mylle View Post
    Exaaaaaaactly! Although I won't hate an author for that but why do they constantly end up having bad writings for their stories. Focking Shoujos suffering from bad writings.

    Like hell it's acceptable for a
    last minute change of heart. Heroine Shikkaku was right all along mocking every cliche shits. You only fall for the idea that someone is nice to you but you don't really love them back. What now? they think readers won't care even if they are side characters and toss that raging development because they are not the focus? HELL NO.
    Fock mentality. Fock.....I just knew Ao Haru Ride is not something special everyone was raging on about. It's the same formulatic blah. Sakisaka Io's Strobe Edge was far more better than this. How did she fall down to this?

    UGH. UGH. UGH.
    And lastly, you know the ending would be a magnificent quote with clouds as a background. HAHAHAH!
    Mader effer.

    (Spoiler for Hirunaka no Ryuusei)

    Anyway, I'm done with Sakisaka. After the ending of Ao Haru Ride I won't be reading anything from this author again.
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    Unlike some people, I haven't given up on Sakisaka san or the manga. While I agree that the whole KominatoxShuukoxTanaka fiasco wasn't well thought out, hence the erratic plotting and the slapdash conclusion it received, I don't think this foible defines Sakisaka san's calibre as a mangaka.

    Now, on Kou's decision. A recurrent theme in this manga has been about letting go of the past and moving on. There are those who support the view that Kou's decided to change his name back to 'Tanaka' and back this supposition with the foreshadowing that happened previously in the manga. I feel that would be quite opposite of what the story has been emphasising from the get-go: Both Kou and Futaba experienced traumas in the past and carried that sort of emotional baggage into their high school days but through the course of the narrative, they slowly overcome those by not fixating on the past and gaining new experiences and forging new relationships. For Kou, whose experiences of his parents divorce and then mother's illness and subsequent demise brought him to a psychological standstill; from not caring about his present or his future and refusing to connect emotionally with people, he emerges out of that due to Futaba and his friends and repairs his relationship with his family. He's grown into his identity as Mabuchi Kou, he's no longer the 12 year old Tanaka Kou; reverting back to that name now would be as pointless as Futaba behaving uncouthly for the sake of not being perceived as 'cute' and holding on to those fair-weather 'friends' she had in the beginning. So in my opinion, a name change would completely defeat the message that the story conveys.

    Going with the theme of 'the future' and 'moving on', I do feel the matter that's been weighing on Kou's mind is whether to transfer to advanced classes or not. If it was me, it would be a simple decision if I was in Kou's shoes. He can work hard and perform well irrespective of what class he's in. He would be unwilling to leave the important friends he gained and Futaba by transferring class. I don't know if Tanaka sensei wants Kou to transfer or not but I'm sure he'd be understanding of whatever Kou decides. Therefore, I think Kou wouldn't (and shouldn't) transfer to advanced class.

    However, if this cliffhanger decision does turn out to be Kou changing his name back to Tanaka, then I'll join you guys for some Sakisaka-slamming.
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    well for 47 chapters shuuko didnt give a damn about komi (romantically wise) and boom ch 48 in love yeh right o.o
    think there's was only 1 chapter where she was shown having a better view of him but nothing romantic.
    The way the writter paired them up seems to me more like shuuko thinking ''poor guy has liked me since forever and he is nice to me might as well pity date him'',kinda dissapointing ;/

    Though about people saying Tanaka had feelings for her i dissagree,considering the dude was planing to resighn as a teacher if he loved shuuko he could have told her that they could date once he stops being a teacher.(so i think him being her teacher wasnt the reason she was rejected,he just simply didnt love her^^).

    I think things would be better if instead of the boring touma arc the writter paired kou and foutaba earlier and developed the side chars abit more or sth like this.

    Also even if kou goes to advanced class,they will still be in same school so its not like he gonna be moving to another country or sth so i not get what would be so dramatic about it.

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