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I agree with you mate, the reason most of us ready manga/novel is to get away from the cruel reality. Having Futaba end up with Kou would be a door for people who didn't get a happy ever after with their first love. I for one would really love to see a sweet first love that will last for a long time. Makes me forget my tragic first love.
I don't know if it's true for other manga fans but for me, besides the great lessons about life and friendship and love delivered in each manga, the perfection of good looking boys and passionate love help me go through the reality. Yes you can't never find a boyfriend that is as perfect as manga boy and it's really hard to find true love plus a guy who will loves you until the end of his life passionately like n manga. But, it doesn't matter. I still love manga and shoujo, specifically.

Pure love like Kou and Fu is not rare to see, but at least for me, it has never ever happened, so that's why I read it.