I want to defend the AHR….i want to defend futaba…I want to fight for kou..hehehehe

I don’t like to compared ANR to tonari no atashi and strobe edge

Tonari no atashi main male protagonist was totally stupid because to forget the main girl he dated other girl to compressed his feeling..i really like the second main guy and the ending was nice..
thats why don’t compared kou,because kou never dated narumi, he do mistake but not really bad like in tonari no atashi…

Strobe edge and AHR are totally different..

First in strobe edge in the beginning we all know the main guy already has girlfriend that’s why the relationship of both main protagonist impossible to happen. The main girl know that her love to that guy was impossible its not very painful to the point she want to forget so she never dated the other guy…I hope you understand what I mean.(its hard to explain.hehehe)
But futaba case is different, because she hope, she expect, she confused what kou really feel for her if he love her or he just playing her….all of us when we feel hurt we want to forget the pain and move on but futaba never use other guy to forget kou,if you all remember when kikuchi confessed to her,she hesitate and wait until she ready and kikuchi the one who approach futaba first.
For me the one that trigger to futaba to start thinking dating kikuchi was when kou and futaba met on the shrine..remember???
When kou hugged futaba and futaba said kou what you’re doing,I am the girl you’ve rejected…etc.

I agreed it’s not bad if kou help narumi but kou mistake he never explained to futab
It’s not bad if futaba try to dated kikuchi
It’s not bad if kikuchi try to make futaba fall inlove to him
All of them do what they think can make them happy..
all of them are selfish because they are just a human being…

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I not satisfy in ch.42 because almost kikuchi and futaba,but I realize that kikuchi never know whats the problem, he always run away and he never open up of his feeling but maybe saki-sensei will do to make kikuchi realized what wrong to him or maybe futaba help kikuchi in that issue so in his next girlfriend he will be more mature and better.Also I believe in the few chapter futaba realizes what she really want….yahooooo……

I don’t see kou very much..T-T
But surely in ch.43 more kou …whahaha..

I believe in saki-sensei !!!go for it….

For me all of the character are not perfect, they all searching, they all young, they do lot of mistake but in the end they will find what they are really want…they will know more about themselves…

That’s why I really like AHR is not perfect, its not always happy sometimes its so sad and painful, sometimes its fun but somewhere its annoying…Its all about love but also learning and discovery about themselves.

I really3x like kou because in all shoujo manga I read.
kou is the one of the most main male protagonist have character development..
I witness his suffering..
I feel his pain…
I know how he regrets what he done….
He proved us how to become strong…
He is a jerk (stupid) but he want to improved himself..
He do a mistake but he want to make it right…
And he grows to a better person….hehehe