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Thread: Latest chapter discussion

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    Saaaad looks like I'm not gonna see an ending with Futaba x Touma. FINE I won't get it but ATLEAST Please please please have futaba wear a cute yukata. Give me one little ounce of hope.

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    yeah, I genuinely liked Touma, as his feelings for Futaba were honest and sincere (just look at the beginning how he starts to notice her, and step by step grows more and more feelings for her). Kou on the other hand was nothing but a brat (see how cool and allmighty he acts at the beginning of the manga) and even hugged Narumi in front of her eyes on purpose. (wtf Kou)
    Futaba x Touma never meant to be as we clearly could see on Futabas behaviour towards him, but what I really, really liked was, that every of the characters behaved very human (Touma tried everything to get Futaba; Futaba really hoped to like Touma and hence went out with him) and at all times tried to be honest with one another (...well, everyone but Kou in my opinion... that brat)

    I just hope the manga finds a reasonable end and everyone, in one way or another, ends up to be happy Y_Y

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    YESSSSS, was waiting for this moment to happen ever since she dated Touma (no offence to all the Touma fans) but she was met to be with Kou since middle school.
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    Lot of people still drag on characters from old chapter and don't noticed changes in them in newest chapters...

    Touma isn't pure boy like at the start.
    He doesn't make manipulate Futaba use her broken heart to force her to dating him...
    Even at end if he feels that Futaba doesn't love him and even tell him that she still have feelings for Kou,
    he don't break up with her just for her to let her go and be with guy who she love,
    he still wanted to be with her.

    Kou make mistakes, but people ignore his past, his reason...
    Kou changed he isn't that emo guy after his mom death,
    he move on.

    I don't really understand why point, what people like in one-sided and forced ship?
    Do you really don't like that two people who like each other since middle school finally grown up to be

    You really ship some random guy who show up in the middle of story and who we barely know?
    Than characters which he start to know, learn more about them, read about their feelings, see their mistakes and sucess?

    If some people started reading AHR just because of Touma/Fu and thought this have chance,
    when Touma isn't even part of main cast from the start?
    When all story just scream everywhere KouxFutaba?
    He isn't even tagged as main character, he is secondary character like Aya, Shuuko, Yuuri and Youichi,
    who have barely screentime.
    This story wasn't about KouxFutabaxTouma.
    This is story about KouxFutaba.

    Touma isn't second love interest unlike that other blond guy from other series.
    He is just "Guy from 2nd year who have likes Futaba" -.-

    So what do you really expected?

    If you don't like, don't enjoy this manga anymore,
    main couple, Kou piss you off, then drop it,
    nobody force you to read this manga?

    Really don't waste for time for somehing what you don't like,
    better pick series where you will enjoy main couple.

    If you still want read it, then deal with it and open your eyes
    because you skip lot of things because of your Touma's bias.

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    what are you getting so pissed off about? I don't think ANYone said they don't enjoy(ed) the manga. In fact, basically everyone said, they enjoy the manga very much!

    There's no need to state the obvious, like Futaba x Kou are the main characters and meant to be together... like everyone else here is an idiot and don't really know this is a shojo manga and how they usually are structured.

    People STILL can express their hopes and wishes that couple xx should have been together, or that they liked to see them succeed or whatever. And yes, people do have their favourite characters and characters they don't like, for whatever reasons. This is what makes a manga great - if you actually generate emotions towards characters! It's half the fun!
    So let people be and stop acting allmighty and like there's only one reasonable outcome of feelings towards the characters and the story. thanks

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    I have a feeling that the drama that both Kou and Futaba are going through will come to an end, as this has been going on for 45 chapters. Kou and Futaba need to come in terms with their feelings and stop thinking about what others will think about them. Though not so much for Kou but Futaba always thinks about what others will think of her. I hated the fact that even though she has feelings for Kou she dines the fact due to her heart break as well as due to her not wanting Kikuchi's friends to hate her.

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    I like Kou (as a character) better because he's more developed and realistic and I actually don't agree that Touma is all great like some people make him out to be.

    As for the whole Touma x Futaba relationship, it is a unhealthy one, and personally for me, I can never ship the guy I like (in the story) with a girl who I KNOW can never return his feelings because I would want for my favourite character to be happy and end with his other half that can return his feelings full-heartedly.

    Also, if Touma has ever really love Futaba that much, I don't understand why he would say 'the weight' has been lifted of his shoulders, because of what he said, it made Futaba/their relationship feels like a baggage for him, and the weight has finally been lifted meaning he can finally be 'free' from it. So I actually don't see Touma loving Futaba more. If there's anything I see him actually loving himself the most.

    Futaba did the right thing for ending it because now Touma can be free from 'this weight' and 'misery' that he felt. I support him in finding a girl (his true other half) that can return his feelings full-heartedly, maybe then he would be truly happy and won't feel any weight on him.

    For me, I am just glad the story is finally progressing in the right order. Looking forward to the next chapter with more Kou x Futaba scenes.

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    I wanted to hug kikuchi after reading chapter 45. :(

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