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Thread: Latest chapter discussion/ Ending Disucssion

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    broken dreams;


    can't wait to see Futaba x Kou and Ninako x Ren cameo on Sakisaka's new series

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    I hope there will be a new series of Sakisaka Io-sensei that will feature Kou, Futaba, Ren and Ninako I will absolutely going to read it!! Man, I want more!
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    OHMYGOSH, OHMYGOSH. I JUST WANTED TO REREAD CHAPTER 48 AGAIN (because of Kominato and Shuuko) BUT LO, AND BEHOLD! THERE WAS A SPECIAL CHAPTER OUT JUST RECENTLY. Ren and Ninako, and Kou and Futaba! This is pure happiness.
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    Love it love it!!
    futaba x kou <3<3<3
    i will miss u guys!!

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    Smile Dear gosh ;A;

    I am soooooo sad now that the manga is completed, uh- I mean, the last chapter was a total trap.
    Honestly, showing us them chewing pizza with loving expressions and then OH, SORRY MATE, IT'S THE END.
    Uh but this manga was amazing, from start to finish. Showing us kindness and bit of selfishness is just what we need to go on with our lives little by little, and make friendships and relationships more stable, I learned alot from the twist plots that crush everytime in this manga.

    I honor the author, for making simple shoujo manga to such a great project of 49 chapters to a whole story, making us see the huge change Kou was going through, just between the cute-kind guy he was and the cold hearted grown up he suddenly turned to.
    And uh, the drawing skills were so cute and always very exact to each person and it's personality. I fell for that.
    I ship them so much too, though, I wonder about her relationship with her ex after the break up, more over, with the little sister in chapter 48(?) and her, well, I guess crush to the rocker guy (Sorry, I don't ever remember names).

    It's really depressing Au Haru Ride suddenly finished. I must say though, if season 2 of it's anime will come out sooner or later, I will see it 'till the end, to repeat my enjoyment alittle all over again.

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    This got me like

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    I loved the ending! Best MC ever and best FC ever! One of the best mangas I've ever read.

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